Skip Around The World – Finland

Join Skip on his journey around the world. His first trip destination is Finland, where he will try to get the autograph of the famous sauna guru Oiva Vasta.


  • Mie


  • Helya

    this game is awsome!

  • lola


  • Sheila

    Finally the game is here! Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!! 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

  • Yash

    Thanks for the game carmelo your the best

  • Gatis

    Your games are the best!

    • Gatis

      You should make a game about Latvia in this series 馃槈

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Gatis, Since Skip is in Europe he might go to visit Latvia 馃檪

      • latvia or lithuania

      • Lithuania would be great ! I live in Lithuania 馃槈 You should write how our country was big in Medieval age or about our tradition food Cepelinai, in english- zeppelins

  • 6th awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amasha


  • LOVE carmel games

    i am one of the first to comment and i am ABOUT TO PLAY!!! <3

    • LOVE carmel games

      Yay!!! I ‘finnished’ it!!!
      Thanks for all the hard work you put into that great game!!

      lots of love,
      Your biggest fan!!

  • thanks

  • where is skip from

    • Carmel Games

      He is from a far far away country 馃槈

  • Waited for a long time finally its here best game ever you have made carmel games keep making more interesting games like this

  • yes it is here

  • Walkthrough is coming 馃槈

  • Damian

    He would definatelly go visit Poland 馃槈

  • oh this is what im waiting for Skip to the world maybe Skip can travel anywhere right good job carmel I enjoy it keep working im on you.

  • Maybe can Skip travel in the Philippines theres where I live 馃槈

  • Dennis can you do a game with the country Philippines

  • Sure I will for you 馃槈

  • Tommy Nielsen

    great game, make him visit Denmark next

  • Sheila

    Great game! Greatly interesting! And certainly funny!!!! (the names of websites in the game make me laugh) 馃榾
    By the way, the Aurora landscapes is wonderfully beautiful! (looks really real!!!)
    As expected from carmelgames!!! 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾

  • ahmed hassan

    great game carmegames

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Ahmed!

  • suomi perkele

    my country is on game awesome 馃槈 good that in this game there is no m盲mmi it is the baddest finnish treat even in for finnish people. AWESOME

    • Carmel Games

      Really? That m盲mmi looks interesting, maybe one day we will taste it 馃檪

  • hen

    i can not play because the hebrew … )))):

    • Carmel Games

      讛讬讬 讞谉, 讗谞讞谞讜 谞讜住讬祝 讗转 讛转专讙讜诐 诇注讘专讬转 讘注讜讚 讻砖讘讜注. 转讜讚讛 注诇 讛住讘诇谞讜转.

    • Hila

      讞讞讞讞 .. 讞谉 . 讛讜讗 注谞讛 诇讱 讘注讘专讬转 !

  • niamh

    can he visit ireland

  • mariela

    hello I like a lot of these games could get them in Spanish please

  • melike

    Maybe Skip can come to Turkey! 馃檪

  • Claire

    there seems to be a glitch with the puzzle piece part I cant seem to exchange for a different one no matter how many times i try

    • ghislaine

      No, there is no glitch. I thought it too for a few minutes and nearly gave up the game. But :

      1. Whichever puzzle piece you choose in the “lost and found”, you’ll have the same puzzle piece shape in the inventory (with an edge) to symbolize it. But it’s NOT the same puzzle piece, it’s the one you’ve chosen.

      2. Give the puzzle piece directly to the man. Don’t try to put it on the puzzle, it doesn’t work.

      • Claire

        thanks i will try again

  • can you make skip go Pakistan

    • sohaaiman

      -yesh plz plz plz

  • This is one of your best games, CarmelGames. The wait was worth it. 馃檪

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you GameGuy 馃檪

  • asnphx

    Will Skip go to Taiwan?

  • power

    can skip travel Bangladesh. i am from Bangladesh. it has many beautiful places like world’s biggest mangrove forest Sundarban.

  • power

    when will be the next game come?

  • BLAH

    I want to play the game but mouse city won’t load the game 馃檨

  • Biba

    Maybe you could try Slovakia next time ? 馃檪

  • when is the next game coming out?????

  • Mie

    Will Skip go to Denmark??? That would be awesome 馃檪

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Mie, maybe Skip will go to Denmark, but for now Skip is grounded 馃檪

  • Yash

    Great game! what are the other plans????when is Sherlock Holmes coming?????

    • Carmel Games

      Maybe next week…

  • aviraj

    nice game where next

  • Could Skip go to the following destinations—–
    1. New York
    2. London
    3. Sao Paulo
    4. St. Petersburg
    5. Sydney
    These are my thoughts.
    Please Reply

  • Can Skip visit these places——-
    1. London —- Great Britain
    2. New York —- United States of America
    3. Sao Paulo —- Brazil
    4. Sydney —- Australia
    5. St. Petersburg—- Russia
    6. Dubai —- United Arab Emirates
    These are my thoughts. please reply for my comment on how are they?

    • Please Reply

    • Carmel Games

      Hi John, thank you for your ideas, but for now Skip is grounded 馃檪

      • Yes, yes skip should visit london

  • Lavnish

    was nice game liked it

  • ioanna

    you should make a game for greece

  • This game was fun. Thank you Carmel Games. I will be waiting for more of this series

  • tianat

    very big fan! love your games so much just wanted to say thank you for curing my boredom and that your efforts are certainly appreciated in New Zealand 馃檪

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much tianat 馃檪

  • can Skip come to India. Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful hill station in India. The fresh air there will totally calm him. Plus ……………….The views are amazing!

  • ahmed hassan

    what is the next game that you are going to release and when are you going to release it? plz reply

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Ahmed, you can read all about it in our latest post. Sorry for the late reply.

  • Cesare

    Carmel Game you are awesome!!! This new game is great, i’m waiting for a new game in my country: Italy!

  • do you know what i was tinking say if you did skip around the world in you can do the language in portugal too

  • elin

    he should totally visit Sweden!!

  • do you know what i was thinking say if you did skip around the world in portugal you can do the language in portugal too

  • BLAH


  • munna

    can skip go over to Germany it would be awesome

  • Hila

    When you do the game in more Languages ? Like Hebrew ?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Hila, we will add translation to Hebrew (and German, Arabic, Portuguese, French and Spanish) in a couple of days.

      • Hila

        OK, Thanks 馃檪

        • Hila

          If you do it the more countries, you can do it on Israel?

  • Tanya

    Nice game! 馃榾

    • Carmel Games

      Thanks Tanya!

  • hi played all your games whats your next game?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Claire, our next game will be Sherlock Holmes.

  • very good game. I played all your other game and I had good time.
    I look forward to the next.
    Thank you.

    • Carmel Games

      Thanks, we will do our best to release our next game fast.

      • ok thanks for telling me when?

  • Linda

    Awesome Job!!!! As usual!!! Tks for your hard work 馃檪

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Linda 馃檪

  • anudeep

    An Excellent Game.
    It was totally Awesome…
    Even these words are not enough.

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you anudeep!

      • anudeep

        you’re welcome! 馃榾

  • power

    can you make vortex point 5

    • Carmel Games

      We will release VP5 during October.

  • finnonymous

    There was a slight language mishap, the girl in the sauna says “Perfekti,” which is actually “the perfect tense.” A more appropriate translation in this case would be “T盲ydellist盲.”

    • Carmel Games

      We will fix it, thanks.

  • janset

    great game 馃檪 he should go to istanbul 馃槈

  • Hila

    If you do it the more countries, you can do it on Israel?

    • Carmel Games

      讛讬讬 讛讬诇讛, 讘讛讞诇讟 谞砖拽讜诇 讝讗转 (:

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Rithik!

  • Jenny says mie

    I am waited for this,
    cause i’m from finland 馃榾

  • Stan

    Skip, please come visit Taiwan

  • shin

    Skip, please come visit Taiwan

    Please come to Taiwan

  • Asnphx niky

    Skip, please come visit Taiwan

    Please come to Taiwan.

    • Carmel Games

      We sure have lots of requests from Taiwan, we will take it under consideration. 馃檪

      • what to do after that man ate the bread?

        • Carmel Games

          Go to the observatory and look for medicine inside the first aid cabinet.

  • Tekla

    One of my favourite country is FinIand. Now i can play with my favourite game characters in Finland! :):) loved the game, thank you so much!!!

    Greetings from Hungary

  • Happy Go Lucky


    Please Skip to Taiwan! ^_^

  • Aarsh Khare

    pls pls pls bring him to india

  • ivo

    podr铆a visitar argentina

  • Skip should visit the Philippines and enjoy our beaches!


  • hen

    讗谞讬 诪讞讻讛 诇转专讙讜诐 注讘专讬转 (:

  • Scotland and France!!! thats where my family is from!

  • what a nice game I love it dearly not me all Pakistan loves your games very much.!!!

  • can you tell me what to do with the towel and gift???

  • Amasha

    plz plz plzzz can skip come to sri lanka???

  • Mrtwig01

    when is your next game out?

  • hen

    讗讜祝…讗谞讬 专讜爪讛 诇砖讞拽 讻讘专 ):

  • when there would be written walkthrough?

  • Uzumaki

    The game was awesome! However, it would be more awesome if Skip went to the Azores islands. *wink wink*

  • hen

    讗讚诪讬谉, 讬爪讗 讻讘专 诪砖讞拽 讞讚砖 讜讗谞讬 注讜讚 诇讗 砖讬讞拽转讬 讘诪砖讞拽 讛讝讛.. 讻讬 讗谞讬 诪讞讻讛 砖讘讜注讬讬诐 诇转专讙讜诐 注讘专讬转. 转讜讚讛.

    • :)

      讞驻专转 诇讛诐 讚讬 讻讘专

  • Luiz Jalbuna

    I think Skip should visit Manila,Philippines!

  • hen

    Hebrew Admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHERE???? ):

    • Carmel Games

      We are making few adjustments in the game.
      We will release the Hebrew/french/Spanish/German/Portuguese version very soon.

      • cuando , que sea luego poooor favooorr!!

        • Carmel Games

          La traduccion de Skip estara disponible dentro de dos semanas.

  • Hila

    诪转讬 讬讛讬讛 注诐 转专讙讜诐 诇注讘专讬转 ? 讙诐 讘诪砖讞拽 讛讝讛 讜讙诐 讘诪砖讞拽 砖诇 砖专诇讜拽 讛讜诇诪住 ?

    • Carmel Games

      讛讬讬 讛讬诇讛,

      砖讜讞专专讛 讛讙专住讛 讛诪转讜专讙诪转 讛讬讜诐 讘讙诇诇 注讬讻讜讘 砖讻诇诇 讙诐 转讬拽讜谞讬诐 诇讘注讬讜转 讘诪砖讞拽, 谞讬转谉 诇砖讞拽 讘讛 讻讗谉.
      讙专住讛 诪转讜专讙诪转 砖诇 砖专诇讜拽 讛讜诇诪住 转爪讗 讻讻诇 讛谞专讗讛 诪讞专

  • Hello carmel games a question: When the game to be available in Spanish?

  • Hola
    cuando el juego en espa帽ol?

  • Dana

    Hola! Soy de Ecuador! me fascinan los juegos de carmel games, me quede impresionada con lo hermoso que dise帽aron este juego ya que lograron capturar algunas cosas de Fynlandia! me hubiera encantado que hubiera estado en espa帽ol!. Les deseo mucha suerte en sus proyectos! saludos desde Ecuador.


  • why is skip grounded and when is the next game cuming!!!!!! man i cant wait!!!

  • I looove the game!! I love the bear wearing a napking in the restaurant!!! i love all you games!! please use my name in one of your games, it should be awesome for me!! keep bringing magic!!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Victor,

      Thank you very much for the feedback. You can use our NAMES WIZARD to get your name in a game.

  • hen

    诇讜拽讞 讬讜转专 诪讬讚讬 讝诪谉 讛转专讙讜诐 讘注讘专讬转.. 讻讘专 注讘专 讞讜讚砖

    • Carmel Games

      讛讬讬 讞谉,

      讛诪砖讞拽 讛讗讞专讜谉 讘讗诪转 诇拽讞 讛专讘讛 讝诪谉 讻讬 注砖讬谞讜 注讜讚 砖讬谞讜讬讬诐 讜转讬拽讜谞讬诐 讘谞讜住祝 诇转专讙讜诪讬诐.
      讛讞讚砖讜转 讛讟讜讘讜转 讛谉 砖讛讬讜诐 讗讜 诪讞专 转注诇讛 讙专住讛 讞讚砖讛 注诐 转专讙讜诪讬诐 馃檪

  • hen

    转讜讚讛 专讘讛! 讗转诐 诪拽住讬诪讬诐! 馃檪

    • Carmel Games

      讻驻讬 砖讛讜讘讟讞, 砖讜讞专专讛 讛讙专住讛 讛诪转讜专讙诪转, 谞讬转谉 诇砖讞拽 讘讛 讻讗谉
      讙专住讛 诪转讜专讙诪转 砖诇 砖专诇讜拽 讛讜诇诪住 转爪讗 讻讻诇 讛谞专讗讛 诪讞专

  • Skip should visit london in uk

  • Marco

    Excellent game, you had a great idea choosing a country like Suomi as the first in the series. It is a beautiful country with a beautiful language. Ich hoffe, dass Skip nach Deutschland reisen wird.

  • sumedha

    really nice game………….. i think Skip should visit India too .pleaseeeeeeeee

  • hello it is a little embarrasing but ——– p: I CANT FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casper

    You just can’t play the game anymore?? What happened with

  • adi

    did skip can go to israel ? if he be in israel i wiil be really happy
    do you make this happen?

  • Hi Carmel,its Joshua again can you make a true horror game that is found on YouTube?

  • Eduardo Conde Machado

    Come to Brazil, please

    • Right now Skip is stuck at Helsinki airport. His next destination is unknown.

  • Gwen

    The Canadian guy is hilarious!

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