Skip Around The World – India

Skip has accidentally caused some trouble at a local restaurant while touring India. Now it’s up to him to fix the damage and save the day.



  • anie

    Love it !!
    i was jumping up and down after seeing that it was released

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • Rochelle

    finally! skip to India….THANK U Carmel games

  • shira

    can you do “skip around the world – israel”?

    • We’re thinking about it πŸ˜‰

  • Great guys YOu arE AwesOMe ! the game is,is awesome

    • Thank you Isabell, we’re happy to hear your compliments πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous Kyle

    AWESOME !!!THIS IS MY 1STawesome website.
    P.S. The second is Garfield comics

    • Thanks! We love Garfield too!

  • GREAT GAME !!! Hey can u guys do “Skip around the world – Pakistan”

    • Pakistani

      yes u r right next should be in pakistan and with the cities of swat islamabad lahore karachi

      • Thanks for the invite πŸ™‚

  • Vikhyat Agarwal


  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    how can you post it only on mousecity when 3 ppl from india dont work with mousecity
    Is there skip anywhere else

    • Vikhyat Agarwal


      • Vikhyat Agarwal

        πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

        • Aarsh Khare

          Mousecity doesn’t work

    • Aarsh Khare

      Well it works on both the given links. Took a lot of hard work to finally find it

      • Vikhyat Agarwal

        thanks i searched a lot too how come i dont find it

        • Aarsh Khare

          You just gotta look hard enough

  • Constanza Florentin

    Love it! I would really like to know where i can download the music, itΒ΄s great! πŸ˜€

    • vvvv

      The menu music is the song ‘Tum paas aaye; from the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’

    • For the ending credits we used Dil Mein Chupa Ke Pyar Ka Toofan from the movie Aan.
      The movie and its soundtrack are in the public domain and you can find it all here:

  • ananto

    this game upload was pretty fast nice game carmel and plz tell me when the next game is coming and reply me

    • Hi Ananto, we don’t know the exact date of our next game’s release, but we believe it will be in 2-2.5 weeks from today.

      • ananto

        ok carmelo thanks for telling me the date ^^

  • 23:08

  • AtomicBow

    I loved the game! It was long and enjoyable. I loved the bits and bobs of the history, it was a very creative idea and was executed perfectly. Good work.

  • tanushree

    it was awesome

  • Awesome game, thx for putting my name and thxxx for this game…… Greetings from India……….

    • Thank you Pragya, we’re happy to know you love the game πŸ™‚

      • You should make a game on Pakistan it is more beautiful,awesome and pretty than India ill tell you everything i know about Pakistan

        • aanchal

          sorry Pakistan might be beautiful but not more than India

          • cgfan

            seriously agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ya right!!!! Bandar kiya jane kisa hai Pakistan πŸ˜› Pakistan is the Best country in the world

        • cgfan

          very bad you said so. every country has its own specialities and its shameful to degrade one of your niehbours. but yesss! i must say india’s better in everything than pakistan!!!!!!!!!

          • Your very very right thats why Pakistan beats india in almost everything Pakistan Zindabaad

          • cgfan

            those things in which you think pakistan is better includes terrorism and being evil also. i know u can’t be beaten in these two things!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            INDIA Zindabad

          • manas

            lol u have not beaten us in icc in decades. xD

  • Carmelfan

    Can next be Indonesia?

  • Aarsh Khare

    Is the game on any other site??

    • Aarsh Khare

      Found it

      • Yash

        Its on 9fish games

        • Aarsh Khare

          Well i already found it!!
          Still thnx #PONDUE

  • Aarsh Khare

    Superb game. LOved it. Keep up the hard work guys
    Thanks for mentioning my name.It was awesome

  • Aarushi

    pls pls pls make an underwater adventure game

    • We haven’t thought of that before, you mean something like Jules Verne’s 20000 leagues under the sea, or something like Finding Nemo?

      • cgfan

        finding nemo will be amazing

        • cgfan

          but i request, if you make such a game, plz add mainly fishes

      • Aarushi

        2000 legues under the sea

  • Fast Walkthrough:

  • Kunal

    Great game carmello really good and very much thanks for adding my name in the game ..!!!!! love you carmellooooo…………………….

    • Thank you for playing!

      • Kunal

        i always loved your games the most

  • cgfan

    it is not fair! you promised to use my name in this game that is pragya but u used pragyaharsh’s name!!!!!!!!! this made me extremely upset cause it’s not fair

    • I’m sorry for the mixup, please send me your full name using the contact form, and I will place it in one of our upcoming games.

      • cgfan

        contact form?

        • cgfan

          sent! YOINK! hahahha

      • cgfan

        i’ve sent!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cgfan

        i still did not get any reply even after contacting you

  • Irenne

    It was worth the wait: what an awesome game! I’ve spot an error: there’s a character that, when talking, has got the picture of another one (I don’t remember the name, but it was a kid). Loved everything πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the tip, we will fix it for the viral version.

      • tanushree


    • Anudeep CVS

      yess, even I’ve noticed it

  • Red Spark

    Love the game!


    thanks for adding my name in game

  • Zuraini Ishak

    I love this game so much! Thank you guys for this great game. πŸ™‚

  • Yash

    Thanks for specially thanking me Guys the game was so coooool.

  • Bilal Khan

    Nice One i Like It So Much Good Work Also Good Luck And How R Gonna We Find out The Winners Of That Contest

  • Bilal Khan

    Next Make Another Game Skip Into The World (Pakistan)

  • Shammy

    Awesome game..:D Just loved it….
    But u didn’t put my name “Shambhavi” in ur game..
    Hope u’ll do that in ur next one

  • Kristjan Tammoja

    Please make skip around the world estonia


    thanx for putting my name in bold letters. and everything is just perfect. the songs and rasgulla and samosa and each and everything was excellent

  • Constanza Florentin

    Please make a “Skip Around the world- Argentina”! πŸ˜€

  • Nikki

    For the puzzle, the puzzle is not large enough so I can complete it. It just cuts off and I can’t place the cow’s legs under the cow.

  • huda khan yousafzai

    awesome just loved but its my humble request that in the next game of skip all around the world can you please show pakistan i will be really very thank full

  • Vishakha Ramakrishnan

    You guys r the best. Thanks for using my name and for an awesome game.I like ur choices- the rasgulla,samosa, the song and everything was awesome. Special thanks to yash singh . Love u guys.

  • Yoiu should make a game on Pakistan it is more breautiful,awesome and pretty than India ill tell you everything i know about Pakistan

  • Ibad Ishtiaq

    Please make the the next game Skip around pakistan Please carmelo reply to me!!!

    • Ibad Ishtiaq

      Carmelo reply!!!!

  • RockyRockz

    cool game keep it up carmel games thx for make us happy


    please add my name in any of your games .I love your games

  • snowleaf

    this was realy good! well done again carmelgames πŸ™‚

  • Aishani


  • Deanrha

    the web is really laggy..please fix it

  • this is the first time i play one of the games with the music on.
    simply ’cause u put my fave song!

  • Kristina PaΕ›kevicius

    dear carmegames team.Could skips next stop be Estonia.please.

  • Bilal Chaudary

    Hey there I am an old carmel games supporter. I used to be around before carmelo was made.
    Actually I was the guy who won the naming the mascot contest. I came up with the name Carmelo. I hope you believe me. Can you plz do a Skip around the world in Pakistan. and if so, then plz name a charcter Bilal

  • Saada Mohamed

    could you use my name saada please i have played all of the games and have enjoyed them all thank caramelo games bye

  • Anudeep CVS

    Awesome! I just loved it!!
    It was almost a replica of India…
    Just one thing… In Tamil Nadu, Hindi is not quite spoken… there is another language called Tamil but that is not a big problem.
    That background music though

  • Christin Sebastian

    Hey guys great game
    will you in include my name in the next game. My name is Christin and i’m a boy

  • Titin Rahmawati

    great game as always. I hope Skip come visit Indonesia and use my name in the game. hehe

  • VirgKiss

    Carmelo I like the game.
    But I can’t solve the puzzle at the end. Could you change it to a puzzle based on The Story of Brewster Chiptooth’s puzzles?

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately this game was made half a year ago and there’s not much we can do about it at the moment except suggest that you’d use the walkthrough:
      In our newer games we put an alternative puzzle option if we think the main puzzle is too hard.

      • Maryam

        I like the background music perhaps because I can understand it and I know it.

  • Great! Awesome Game!

  • Kristjan Tammoja

    Carmelo, could you make ”Skip Around The World: Estonia” it’s my home country and i woul be so happy if you made it

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