Summer time!

Hi everybody!
Summer is officially here and we’re working on several summer games, in which one will take place at the beach and the other at the pool.
beach sketch

beach sketch

But first, we need to finish working on ‘Tourist Trap’, featuring Kaitlyn and the evil man in black.
We hope to have this game ready by the end of next week.
Tourist trap code name

We were very happy to read your comments on Love Chase. If you have any advice regarding how we can improve ourselves even more for next time please let us know, as we will soon start working on another Carmel+ game: The plot will revolve around another love story, but this time it’ll include a third wheel. The plot will take place in the late ’80s-early ’90s, so we plan on mixing in a lot of items from that time period – Commodore 64, floppy disks, VHS, Walkman, Goosebumps books, glow in the dark stars on your ceiling, and references to the garbage pail kids trading cards, Freddy Krueger, Big, Back to the Future and more.

That’s all for today, have a magical weekend 🙂

  • When are WE making games again . u know , like brewster chiptooth on ?

    • We will be making another community-assisted game in the near future, more updates coming soon, we’ll soon have another contest.

  • Umta-ta

    at first glance, the guy in the upper sketch looked like einstein ha ha ha …

    • Maybe with some glasses on 😛

  • Talrice

    It would be cool if you could fit in a reference to the 90s boy band from your game Back In Time 2. 🙂

    • There will be many ’90s references so don’t worry about that, and yeah this might be one of them 🙂

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    Ooooh looks nice! Are you checking the contact forms? Because I’m waiting for a response / thingy that you READ it……

    • We have a stack of unread emails which we’ve been clearing since we got back from our vacation, we still didn’t finish it but we’re close, every email will get a response!


    You can make gatekeeper 2 in which freddy krueger is on a killing spree and Matthew has to send him back to hell. For climax you can show that while putting Krueger back in hell, several other monstrous souls escaped.

    • We will do a 2nd Gatekeeper and we do put in some Freddy Krueger references in our games and will keep doing so, but we don’t know if we’ll combine the two with each other, that shall be seen 🙂


        you can also add jason from creepo tales 2 or annabelle from vortex point or a case of haunted mansion with 12 deadly ghosts(from movie ‘thir13een ghosts’) or even frankenstein’s monster.

  • emily lovesmango

    It would be really cool to have a game that would have to be played in different parts. Or a game where your character is working at Carmel games but Carmel is being threatened to shut down so we have to save the day and characters that we can customize would be cool as well! Sorry I have to many ideas! 😀

    • Hi emily,
      You do have many ideas 🙂
      We have many games in different parts, at least half of our games have sequels and we intend to keep it that way 🙂
      A Carmel Games “real” game is an interesting idea, we’ll consider it!
      The character customization is a good idea but in our opinion not for this type (point and click adventure) of games. However we do have future plans of making other genre of games and then we’ll most definitely implement the character customization idea.

      • emily lovesmango

        Cool! Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  • Mukta Roy

    you can make some skip or sherlock holmes game .i like them

    • We will do both, just don’t know when yet 🙂

  • Abdullah-almamun Munna

    Hey Carmel games i love your games alot, but can u add fullscreen option please 🙂

    • Our games are flash based but also integrate many non-vector graphics, so if we’ll do a full-screen option the games would look pixelated and ugly. There are solutions which we will implement some time in the future but for now, regarding that aspect, they’ll have to stay the way they are.

  • Aura

    For the love story, it would be better to have fresh charecters and a never to be expected ending, just like love chase 🙂

    • It will have fresh characters indeed Aura 🙂

  • Emma

    are you gonna make vortex point 8?

    • Yes, although at the moment we don’t know when.

  • Fathima Rifa

    Can you inform me when tourist trap is ready?Cause I wanna play it so badly.I loved the game ‘Jamming with Gramma’ which is also featuring Kaitlyn and the black evil man.

    • There’s still some time until that game will be released, but the sequel to Jamming with Grandma is to be released soon 🙂

    • The sequel to Jamming with Grandma is to be released soon 🙂

  • Fathima Rifa

    is madeline there in tourist trap?

    • No, she will not take part in this game.

  • Fathima Rifa

    will u be making back in time 3?

  • sachin

    my love chase is not opening

    • Where? Please try using Google Chrome and make sure you have the most recent flash player version.

  • Aizel

    Will you be making a third Creepo’s Tales? I really really loved Creepo! Can you please use my name? I’ve been waiting for 3 years to see it in your games! (before carmelo’s name wizard existed lol) 🙂 Anyway, thank you for the awesome games! 😀 I hope you make another Creepo’s Tales! 🙂

    • Hi Aizel,

      We probably will do a 3rd Creepo’s Tales because we want to, but for now we don’t know when, we have many other things we want to do and can’t find the time 🙂
      Regarding your name request – we will look into it.

      • Aizel

        Yay! I’ll be looking forward to the 3rd one! 😀 Thanks again! 🙂

  • Fathima Rifa

    is tourist trap ready
    you told it will be ready long before

    • Hi Fathima,
      Tourist Trap is the game Kaitlyn with the Diving Helmet, we’ve changed the name but it’s the same game. As we wrote here in this blog post:
      “finish working on ‘Tourist Trap’, featuring Kaitlyn and the evil man in black”

      • Fathima Rifa

        i didnt notice it

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