Sweet Revenge

Crazy dad is about to go crazy! His kids spends all his money on candies, so he must find a way to get the local candy shop out of town!


  • tania

    yay first comment

  • Amasha

    Wooooooooooow! it’s a cuuuuuute game :)) Thnk u soooOO much carmel games :))))))

  • tania

    Nice game. Lighthearted and fun.

  • sohaaiman

    .Yay 4th comment . ;p 😛 🙂 😉 Cool game caramel games? What about vortex point series ?

    • Talia

      vortex point 5 is coming out on halloween.

      • sohaaiman

        thx TALIA 🙂

    • Carmel Games

      You are in for a treat next month 😉

      • RoboticRetroCreamie

        Who are you talking to?

  • Renee


  • Renee

    He he nice game.. rofl at the end…. :))

  • victor pons

    great game!! i love the music!! im very fan of all your games i had played all many times!! please use my name in a game!!!! 🙂 keep going with great games, congratulations

  • nad

    I really love this game 🙂 can i know when will vortex point 5 released ? >.<

    • sohaaiman

      ON hallowen

    • Carmel Games

      At the end of October 😀

  • Jade

    Yay! New game! <3

  • Fernando Miyatake

    Great game, as usual! Congrats for this new one.
    I’m here If you need a Portuguese translation. 😀

  • wow what a nice game i love you crazy dad XD and carmel games good job love you all 🙂

  • asnphx

    Finished in 18:37, it’s fun, thanks a lot.

  • vortex point

    I have a important recomendation , although it was a great game , the backgrownd graphics looks funny , i prefere the usual ones , maby its me ,

    • Jade

      I totally agree with this. Awesome game though.

      • Carmel Games

        Hey guys, we started using more graphic artists so we can create more games per a month 🙂

  • I’m working on the Walkthrough ^^

  • Gamingfun

    Splendid !
    That Crazy Dad voice is awesome . Who did this ?

    • Carmel Games

      One of our voice actors 🙂

  • he he

  • Sofija

    Cool if u need Serbian translation I am here 😀

  • Sofija

    And also if you need a voice

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Sofija,

      We will contact you, thanks 😀

  • I love your games but they take forever to load!

  • I think the website time is off I posted a comment at 11:07am and it said I posted it at 8:04pm

    • Carmel Games

      Different times at different locations 🙂

  • funny game; great job carmel games

  • Carmel Games Number One Fan

    <3 this game! Congrats, guys!

  • Tj

    I go away for 2 weeks and come back to 2 new amazing games! You rock Carmel!

  • Maryama

    awesome game, as usual 🙂 Can’t wait for vortex point 5! please use my name in one of your amazing games. im a huge fan!

  • Arkasa

    Cool game plz can u make a game about something more street based and gangsta type

  • vortex point

    also , its kinda short

  • allison

    hey guys,i hope you come up with a game that has magic
    powers like that and a game that has my name in it

  • nice game again 🙂


    • anudeep


  • Jessy57

    a new game, you guys are so quick 😀

  • Jessy57

    Can’t wait for vortex Point 😛

  • carmelgame lover

    whahah lol love the game

  • good game but i didnt like their shapes

  • Hola, cuando el juego estara disponible en ESPAÑOL

    • Carmel Games

      Hopefully this Monday, maybe even sooner 😉

  • hey guys great game but it took a bit of time to realese it when are you realiseing a new game its takeing time but there coming out awesome

  • ivo

    Para cuando a español? sigo esperandolo

  • Austin

    Awsome game! I love the crazy dad’s voice.

  • persepoliska

    Nice ending :D:D:D I loved it!

  • ivo

    Para cuando a español?

  • When are you going to release Dakota Winchester’s Adventures Part 2?

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Husain,

      Dakota Winchester’s adventure 2 will be released during the next week.

  • i will sent some dress designs for the next game’s is my passion.
    and remember ”if not by me , ur makeover stinks”

  • i really love this game it is zoo awesome

  • saman

    in the name of god hi 😀 it’s not right to stole anything god bless u all 😀

  • junnevaeh

    This is a great game. just I do not know where to find the claws ….. Caramel games, could you give me a hint where to find the claws?

    • junnevaeh

      Anyway, why is it 10 47 am when it is 5 30 pm just now?

    • Support

      Go to the bus stop. The lady who sits there is wearing a claws necklaces.

  • Wow ! Carmel games rules ! I wish that someday you will use my name in your new game ……..
    THANK YOU !!!!!! 😀

  • Rocio

    Hola, soy Latinoamericana, me gustaría que colocaran más juegos con la opción de traducirlo al español, pues CASI todos en inglés y en realidad así para mí ( mi opinión) como no entiendo mucho el inglés no se desarrolla bien la historia. 🙂

  • riya

    awesome game ..pls keep coming with such great funny adventurous games always…please make a game for new year , valentines week , and a normal cute game please I love your website and also mousecity games ….luv u !!

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Riya, we do have plans to develop a game for valentine’s day, we will write more about it soon.

  • yekta

    i love this game

  • sunny

    love ur game they are tricky and short too..and fun to play

    • Thank you very much Sunny 🙂

  • Mirigiry

    I love all of your and MouseCity’s games! How do you make them? If I would try to do one like yours, do I need a specific program? If yes, which do you use? Thanks and excuse me for all these questions but someday I’d like to do something like your games and so I need to know those things.

    • Hi Mirigity,

      We use Adobe Illustrator and some Photoshop for the graphics and Adobe Flash (AS3) for the games’ programming. You can read more about the process HERE.

      • Mirigiry

        Thank you very much. Just another question: how do you make ’em interactives? Thanks and excuse me again.

        • Well, to make interactive Flash, you need to use programming too. The programming language in Flash is called AS3. The code itself is pretty complicated 🙂

          • Mirigiry

            Ok, thank you again! 🙂

  • k_auffarth

    Can you make more crazy dad games? I would love to play them!

    • Mirigiry

      Hi! There’s another game with Crazy Dad! You can play it here:

      • k_auffarth

        I’m not stupid. I know that!

        • Mirigiry

          Ok, ok… please keep calm! I only thought that you didn’t know that because you said that you want more Crazy Dad games here: in the space for comments under the first game with Crazy Dad! 😉

    • We’ll consider it 🙂

      • k_auffarth

        Can u make them soon?

    • Hey, here’s the new game 😉

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