Hi everybody,
Here is a short update regarding the things we are currently working on:

Faraday’s Flaw

We’re still in the backgrounds drawing phase, so there’s still a lot of work to be done with this one, but so far it looks pretty good.
You can even see a CrazyDad Bobblehead in the screenshot above!

Midnight Spooks 1: The Thing in the Basement

Midnight Spooks will be a new horror games series. Our first game should be ready in three weeks from now. We’ve already written the 2nd and the 3rd chapters and we plan to release them all together.

High School Adventure

This is a special game we are working on, with approximately 1 hour game play (or even more).
Your goal in the game is convincing all of the people in your school to vote for your poster in the school poster contest.
There are lots of puzzles in this game which will make you think.

That’s all we have for now, we really hope that you’ll still stick around, even though we’re not releasing any new games at the moment.
We will do our best to entertain you during this time, with posts about other cool games that you can find and even books giveaway!
Have a great weekend!

  • RoseLacker

    Omg a Czech flag in the background! I’m totally looking forward to the all of the games, especially the hour-long one!

  • Nac

    A new horror series. I can’t wait.

  • Isabelle Won

    I’m a little too excited for this

  • Joshua

    Looking good, really excited for all of these games!

  • Red&White

    I can’t wait for this !!!

  • Riley the Llama

    So excited!!! I KNOW the wait will be worth it!! 😀

  • Gabby Gellerman

    psyched!!!!! can’t wait

  • Flowlover

    Looks colorful and amazing!

    Can’t wait to play, but please, do take your time to do your best as always! No rush guys, we’re all patient here 🙂

  • Kerri Cunningham

    omg an hour long game, i can’t wait.

  • tanny99


  • I like that guy who hold a cube(THOUGH IDK) in Faraday’s Flaw.

    Nice, Keep it up

  • Laura Peña

    love all your games, vortex point series is my fave from you guys! can’t wait to play all these when the time comes, sounds really exciting. best of luck!!

  • fadrique

    can´t wait, miss your games a lot, i come here almost everyday expecting to find a new release, horror game sounds really cool!

  • draph91

    is there a newsletter I can sign up to on here?

  • Oldmanmike

    Hour long gameplay? That’s awesome. Most games take me 3-10 minutes depending on how awake and engaged I am. And afterwards I wish I would have slowed down and enjoyed it longer.

  • Lisa Mary Smilth

    July 14th is Lee Kwang Soo’s BIRTHDAY!
    Hooray for Our Giraffe

  • Fernando Miyatake

    Awesome! Good luck with these projects, guys!

    BTW, I loved that new graphic style from Faraday’s Flaw.

  • king

    Is there any notification process to know whenever any new game is launched by you guys ? btw loved your enthusiasm for games , as a professional gamer its good to see a breath of fresh air in gaming concepts. Whenever you guys need any help.. feel free to contact me. cheers ! 🙂

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