Hi everybody,
Here is a short update regarding the things we are currently working on:

Faraday’s Flaw

We’re still in the backgrounds drawing phase, so there’s still a lot of work to be done with this one, but so far it looks pretty good.
You can even see a CrazyDad Bobblehead in the screenshot above!

Midnight Spooks 1: The Thing in the Basement

Midnight Spooks will be a new horror games series. Our first game should be ready in three weeks from now. We’ve already written the 2nd and the 3rd chapters and we plan to release them all together.

High School Adventure

This is a special game we are working on, with approximately 1 hour game play (or even more).
Your goal in the game is convincing all of the people in your school to vote for your poster in the school poster contest.
There are lots of puzzles in this game which will make you think.

That’s all we have for now, we really hope that you’ll still stick around, even though we’re not releasing any new games at the moment.
We will do our best to entertain you during this time, with posts about other cool games that you can find and even books giveaway!
Have a great weekend!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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