The Magical Forest

Upon entering an unknown door at his grandparents house, Takkun finds himself inside a weird forest. Before he understands where he is, an evil wizard steals the door’s key and locks it behind him. Help Takkun get back the key and escape the magical forest back to the real world.

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  • gloria jackson


  • Alexander Raja

    Hmmm…if I may criticize for a moment? You had a very interesting world there and you kind of wasted it. I would have liked to have learned more about the wizard and the world he lived in. Maybe had to venture inside his house for some reason? The wizard doesn’t even show up again after the one appearance. All in all, this was an okay game, but the interesting setting you made had much more potential. You could have done so much more. The ending felt very anticlimactic. But please don’t take my criticisms negatively. I do love your games. Never stop moving forward. Never stop improving. I do hope this gets a sequel at some point.

    • FlyingPoop

      i agree

    • shira

      I agree

    • Hi Alexander,

      We agree with you critique in general. However this game was planned as a short game since the beginning due to budget constraints. We have limited resources and we are already developing several very long games, so this one needed to be kept short. Due to these restrictions it was hard to introduce the world and the characters more in more details than we did.
      We’ll consider doing a sequel to further explore the potential this game and it’s world have.

  • nice game, but as alexander stated the ending felt to abrupt as if we were missing part of a larger story. i’d love it if in the future there will be an extended version to this game.

    • Hi Uri,
      We’ll consider doing a sequel. Indeed it was hard to push a longer story into a short game like that.

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • Krystal

    i really liked this game. However, the ending was very uneventful.

    • Looks like this is a recurring critique, we’ll consider doing a sequel.

  • Abdallah Amin

    great game….between can you make a detective game series?

    • W have the Sherlock Holmes which we intend to do a 3rd part for. We just need to find the time for that.

  • FTW

    can you make a more grown up game for teens and adults? this is like for little kids

    • We can and we do. Some of our games are more teens/adults oriented and some are more kids oriented.

  • FlyingPoop

    Great game, the art is amazing. But can you add a part 2 with the wizard’s story or something? I would love to know more about the forest as well. BTW which game is the one with the conjoined boys?

    • We will consider doing a sequel. The conjoined boys are from the next game to be released (middle ages game).

      • FlyingPoop

        Oh, looking forward to that:)

  • likahokeith

    It seems too short

    • It is relatively short, that’s true.

  • Fast Walkthrough:

  • Irenne

    Beautiful ambientation, I’d love some other games in this world.
    Also, I want that oven, it’s so cute! <3

  • TJ

    That was great… cute, bright, and the music was relaxing. 🙂

    • Thank you Tammy! 😀

  • Shivani

    Short and easy. However I loved it.

  • Mukta Roy

    the music in the game was good but the game was a little dissapointing

    • How so Mukta?

      • Mukta Roy

        the game was too short and the plot was not interesting at all,you should have added much more to this game

        • Okay, for that please read our previous comments here regarding this issue.

  • Pam

    That music! ♥

  • kksiddharth

    Happy Friendship Day!

  • CrystalLovesThisGame

    i really liked it! this game is my type of game, Short,Fun & Easy Loved it!

    • Thank you Crystal!

      • CrystalLovesThisGame

        As Always Your Very Welcome!
        Keep Making These Awesome Games!

  • Takkun Genkyo

    this is so awesome 😀

  • VeryEasy

    I like you guys because after I said you had too many stereotypical characters of people of colour, you made more games with different races not being stereotypical tropes.

    • We try to listen to our visitors 🙂

  • Flavia

    I’m sorry if i’ll be somehow rude, but it seems you’re slacking a bit on animation, i mean, i really missed the characters walking and interacting with other objects, and also, the NPCs seem unnatural in a way, they just stand still

    • We’re putting those resources of those animations into other, different animations and more content, trust me we are not slacking on anything.

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