The return to Carmelot

Hi everybody!
We have a special announcement to make today.
Over two years ago we’ve added the option of donating to CG, hoping we’ll be able to develop full-length game using the funds.
We didn’t reach our goal, but we did raise $1300, which is great and most of all, it shows that you guys have faith in us.
After a lot of thinking, we’ve decided to end the donations process, take the money and invest it in a game – not the original game which we had in mind, but definitely a game that will put a smile on your faces. With the help of this sum of money we will be able to hire animators and professional musicians.
The game will be distributed for free to everyone, while those who donated will also receive a downloadable full-screen version of the game, along with a small gift 🙂
We’ve decided to use Carmelot as the setting for this game: a magical environment, elves, leprechauns, wizards, pirates and more.
The game’s protagonist will be, once again, Ryan O’Brien. Goran has already started redesigning the characters!

We’ve also been working on the new Vortex Point. The story is all written, all that’s left at the moment is for us to start drawing.
Kevin and Caroline will face a violent ghost that haunts the Vortex Lighthouse. To get rid of the ghost they’ll also need Craig’s help, along with the help of some new characters.


If you have some extra time, please give us FIVE STARS on Kongregate and/or FIVE STARS on Newgrounds.

There is also a new game coming out next week, so make sure to be on the lookout!
Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

  • bush

    Hi Carmelo, excited for upcoming games. Your games are just irresistible I had been offered 1200 cash by my brother to not play “Save the clock tower” but I refused. Excellent work. Keep it up 😊

    • VivianT

      Wait. Why your brother wanted you not to play?

      • bush

        Well just a fun bet 😊

    • Glad you like them so much!
      And about your brother, you can tell him to donate the money to us 😉

  • sdi

    Is it too bad to say that I liked the old character designs better. They’re more cartoony and simple, and for me are iconic of your games.

    • This is not the final design so it’s never too late, we will see 🙂

  • It would be great if you guys would use the original Ryan O’Brian voice . And I actually liked the original hair style for Ryan . Really looking forward to the game 🙂

    • We probably will use the original voice 🙂

  • Aren Ciara Miranda Flores

    I would really like to donate because you create such amazing games that are really fun to play, but I am a student and its hard for me to raise funds from my allowance..wwaaaaaahhhhh :((((((
    But keep up the good work Carmel Games! More power to you!

    • That’s okay Aren, support us in other ways, money isn’t everything! 🙂

  • Mateus Villela

    The game ‘Make Me Laugh’ has no translation yet. When it will have, it will take a lot? Because it already has more recent games have translated, while it is not.

    • It should be translated by now, sorry for the holdup.

      • Mateus Villela

        No problem 🙂

  • Aura

    oh! all the fun is on the way!!!

  • Tristan Stump

    i wanted to say to you guys thanks. for giving us a shout out on your blog a few weeks ago. i feel really bad that we haven’t said anything until now. we were going to say something in the next lets caramelize but we haven’t made it in time. again, thank you!!

    • You’re welcome Tristan!
      We loved your show and you deserved it 🙂

  • Joshua

    I’m definitely looking forward to another game set in Carmelot! Keep up the great work

  • RockyRockz

    Thats a cool idea thanks carmelo keep it up

  • Joel Saltmarsh

    ill donate when donations come back on, if im aloud by parents. YOU GUYS DESERVE IT.

    • They will come back on, in a different form, more about that soon 🙂

  • Pratham

    Please tell me a way to play the latest games as these games do not work at mousecity. I also raised the problem in messaging on kongregate on which you also replied. I am waiting for your answers. Hope you make it soon!!

  • Maryam

    when will the next game release i am tired of waiting

    • We’re releasing new games all the time 😛

      • Maryam

        yeah but i am waiting for VP 8

        • So are we, but it’ll take some time 🙂

  • Hey! Carmelo, that’s a really great announcement…as usual will give u great luck! ^.^
    Well, I also wanted to say something,that in my opinion….I liked the way the characters used to walk and then the place got change (where we pointed to) in your early games.I request that,could you just add that feature again? Cause it looked more prominent and i liked it.
    P.S I hope you will understand what I’m tryna say :p
    and will respond my wish 😉

    • Hi Isabell,

      For now we’ve dropped this feature since it requires more work and time per each game, time which we prefer putting into making more games instead 😀

      • Oh! okay then not a big deal :’)

  • TJ

    Ooh… I’m so excited!! I love the updates! Things are getting a little less crazy for me now, so I should be able to catch up with your latest a bit earlier. 😉

    • You’re always welcome Tammy! 🙂

  • footloop80

    awesome carmelo keep up the good work u guys r awesome

  • footloop80

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