The return to Carmelot

Hi everybody!
We have a special announcement to make today.
Over two years ago we’ve added the option of donating to CG, hoping we’ll be able to develop full-length game using the funds.
We didn’t reach our goal, but we did raise $1300, which is great and most of all, it shows that you guys have faith in us.
After a lot of thinking, we’ve decided to end the donations process, take the money and invest it in a game – not the original game which we had in mind, but definitely a game that will put a smile on your faces. With the help of this sum of money we will be able to hire animators and professional musicians.
The game will be distributed for free to everyone, while those who donated will also receive a downloadable full-screen version of the game, along with a small gift 🙂
We’ve decided to use Carmelot as the setting for this game: a magical environment, elves, leprechauns, wizards, pirates and more.
The game’s protagonist will be, once again, Ryan O’Brien. Goran has already started redesigning the characters!

We’ve also been working on the new Vortex Point. The story is all written, all that’s left at the moment is for us to start drawing.
Kevin and Caroline will face a violent ghost that haunts the Vortex Lighthouse. To get rid of the ghost they’ll also need Craig’s help, along with the help of some new characters.


If you have some extra time, please give us FIVE STARS on Kongregate and/or FIVE STARS on Newgrounds.

There is also a new game coming out next week, so make sure to be on the lookout!
Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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