The Secret Plot

If you’re reading this page, it means you truly are a CG fan and you want to help us in the making of our super-special-game – so THANK YOU! Here’s what we have so far:
Our plan is to go back to the old and loved Creepo’s Chopping Mall, for another spooky tale.
Creepo will be hosting this game from his spooky arcade. The game’s title will be “Games from the Crypt – Mall of Horrors”.

Several people were murdered in the city’s new mall and the police detectives think are already sure they got it all figured out.
The game starts when Jason, who works at a milkshake stand in the mall, is being charged with these murders.
His motive: Eliminating competition.
Jason begs the cops to give him a chance in proving his innocence, and since the mall is closed on lock-down, the cops agree to do so.
You’ll be playing Jason and your goal will be to wander around the mall’s shops and prove your innocence.
At the end of the game, Jason manages to prove that the new BurgerTown shop uses human flesh for their burgers, which means that the owner, Jack, is probably the murderer. Jack claims that he doesn’t use human flesh, but rather the meat of his own mother-in-law (“And she is no human!”).
It is enough for the police to declare “case closed” – and take Jake to prison.
Everyone leaves the mall and the lights go out.

The twist in the end

A mannequin comes to life, pulls out a bloody knife and smiles maliciously.


Based on previous users’ feedback, here are some of the things we must pay attention to, while making this game:
1. The protagonist needs to be a likable character, someone the users can relate to.
2. A hint system in the game is favorable!
3. The user has to be entertained, even while not solving puzzles (e.g. pulling prank calls, ding dong ditch someone, etc.)

We would love to hear any feedback you have regarding our plot. We really want to make this game the best funny-horror game that we’ve ever done, so your comments are much appreciated.

Share your insights with us!

  • DaGeniusGamer 360

    Let the protagonist be an average teen who is a nobody and is bullied a lot. I am sure people can relate to that.

  • Francisca Alves

    Sounds good! Love all the ideas.

  • Riley the Llama

    I have many ideas so I will number them

    1) When he is going to other shops in the malls to prove his innocence, I suggest that he should ask the store owners to admit his alibi is true, but Jason has to do something for them in order to do so.

    2)I feel like Jason should be a character who can stay chill in a grave situation (Like makes jokes)

    3)For pulling pranks, he could make one of the police officers sit on a whoopee cushion, and they go to the bathroom and he drops something Jason could use.(ex: a key to get in to the security camera room)

    4)Since Jack says his mother-in-law is not human, to prove this point maybe you could have a picture frame of a Sasquatch in a dress

    Maybe I misunderstood your plot a bit but maybe i helped 🙂

  • Chandra

    Hi there. I’m a fan of your games so I’ll post some feedback.

    At first glance, the story seems fine, but I don’t think things are connected enough to make it feel especially good.

    1. Maybe the stores could be more tightly knit together? Like instead of the whole mall, it could be that the murders occurred in the food section of the mall? If there was a better connection between Jack and Jason’s stores, it would make the story feel smoother. Like, Jason was suspicious of Jack since he first got hired, or…their shops are use the same garbage disposal so the police catch some blood on Jason’s sneakers (from when he was working).

    2. A mannequin feels pretty out of place, since it sort of has nothing to do with the story. It’d be better if the killer was like…a statue at the mall’s fountain where people sit at benches to eat and throw coins in for good luck. And then have Jason visit the statue and fish for coins during the game, but make the statue so background-looking that no one would suspect it, even though it’s been there the whole time.

  • kat

    ok so the plot kind of feels similar to the Chopping Mall Creepo game (except for the twist) thats like the only major problem for me, but I also have some suggestions

    1) In the end, instead of the mannequin, because that seems really random and unrelated, could you instead have this really creepy portrait during the game, just one of the background things, but Jason remarks on how it creeps him out, and then at the end, Jason asks the person who runs the store which houses the portrait about it, and the person replies, “what portrait? thats a window.” and then a scream and cut to black.
    2) For one of the characters, could the one who provides him with an alibi be like a teenager who works for Burger Town who is in love with Jason, and she also lets him guess what their burger is made of, but for every guess you have do something, like bring her a flower, or agree to go on a date with her or something. It would kind of be funny but I’m not sure about this one
    3) Also in this game could we have more riddles?
    $) Could we have a Carmel+ for this one?

    I am a huge fan of your games and I can’t wait for this one!!!

  • Pete Hawking

    The twist is kind of weak – maybe a power-cut happens, and when the lights go back on, a police officer is found dead.

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