The Shadow Realms: Arcade

For the past two years you have worked at the Lone Star Arcade, thinking you know the place inside out, but tonight, you are about to discover that this arcade happens to lie on the outskirts of… The Shadow Realms.

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  • jatin verma

    Oh! holy, my mind blew up. I would not be able to do this without walkthrough. Good work carmel these puzzles were so good. Keep on going

  • Umta-ta

    greetings from the twilight zone …

    • Greetings πŸ™‚

    • matan

      a disney theme park horror attraction reference?
      a reference to the old movie that i know about because i were on it?

      • Umta-ta

        the beginning of the game is a reference (maybe even a hommage?) to the classic tv series “the twilight zone”.

  • Creed Sworld

    I always enjoy Carmel games.

  • Tati AvendaΓ±o

    thank you very much, I love your games

  • Umta-ta
    • That’s interesting! Where is it from?

      • Umta-ta

        i dunno, found it on facebook πŸ˜‰

    • I. am. loling. so. hard.

  • Martijn Lub

    First Carmel Game I had to use the walkthrough. But still don’t understand the colours above the Zombie Monkeys.
    A bit frustrating. Will play it again in a couple of days!

    • Charon

      The colours correspond to the ones on the wall next to the door, but it’s hard to see. I guess we’re supposed to imagine the effect of coloured lights in a dimly lit room and reverse engineer it.

      • Charon is correct, the solution is the colors on the wall in the third room.

  • John Jones

    This is a pretty dark game. I mean physically dark. I can’t see anything very well or make out details. Is there any way to increase the brightness level of the game? The set-up seems fun, but it’s hard to point and click if I can’t see what I’m clicking. This same thing was a bit of an issue for Camp Phantom as well. The numbers on the door and in the safe were almost impossible to see.

    • Hi John,

      Can you maybe take a picture and upload it here in the comments? There’s a photo upload bottom at the bottom left corner of the comment box.
      We will try to find out if there’s something we could do.

  • Nathan

    need someone to explain to me how you work out the colour of the squares above the zombie game.

    • KingVip3r

      As you start the zombie game, 3 zombie heads pop out of 3 different colors. The first color is green, second is blue and last is purple(I believe). So above it you have several circles to choose from(ex. white,blue,green etc.).You have to choose the colors which the zombies heads are popping out from. Those colors are green,blue and purple. Hope this helped understand:)

      • KingVip3r

        Oh sorry, my bad. I think you were talking about the squares which open the box. On the wall beside of the door which says “No Entry”, there are 5 colors which correspond to the 5 squares that are on the box. Those colors are the ones your supposed to enter. It seems as if the first color is black but it isn’t. It’s actually dark blue. After that the colors are much easier to see and recognize:)

        • Thank you KingVip3r for the detailed and correct (2nd) explanation πŸ™‚

  • Riley the Llama

    I knew the ‘Have You Seen Me’ sign had to do with something! Overall, this was a really excellent game, and I would love to see more of these kind of games in the future.

  • Aura

    interesting… i finished the game in 02:01, can u tell me the shortest time to complete the game??

    • Very good Aura! We don’t know what’s the shortest time possible, but that’s pretty short that’s for sure πŸ™‚

  • Riley the Llama

    :O What if the narrator was the kidnapper? :OOO

    • :-O

      • banana55

        carmelo… :DDD i cant stop laughing from your comment :DDD

      • ponygerl


  • nice! really enjoyed this one. the color code was pretty tough to spot.

  • KingVip3r

    Loved it!!

  • bush

    well done carmel games!!! the music and voices are so hypnotizing rather soothing I would say <3 loved the game πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much bush!

  • John Jones

    Turns out my monitor’s brightness was turned down too low. Sorry.

    • Good to know John, thank you for updating.

  • rover23
    • Nat

      There isn’t the white colour that is needed there either, I’m not certain the walkthrough shows the correct clue (nor what the correct clue is). But worse than that was the end, it just ends with the character not wanting to know… like we just left the girl there or something? What’s wrong with this protagonist?

      • matan

        i think we played as the girl the girl…
        or did we?

        • No, we were not the girl.
          As John said, the protagonist found the girl, then the scene cuts to the narrator’s end summery. It is not shown what did the protagonist did next, but it is reasonable assuming he called the police/tried rescuing her in some other way.

          • John Jones

            Assuming police/rescue the end narration does feel a bit off. It seems more suited to an ambiguous or “bad” ending. Perhaps something that would fit better if the boss caught the protagonist and stuck him in another video game prison (similar to what happened in the first Ray and Cooper game). Of course that would set up a sequel in the Shadow Realms. Maybe it could feature Carlos doing some amateur detection that’s useful for a change.

            As is, he(or she) rescues the girl, becoming a local hero possibly getting a reward and likely making a devoted new friend (the girl). Regardless, the result of entering “the Shadow Realms” was something pretty unambiguously good for anyone who wasn’t the creepy kidnapper owner of the arcade.

          • matan

            i understand now,
            i replayed the game and saw the missing poster with the girl on it.
            what a dumb idea…

      • John Jones

        For my part I assume as the protagonist that I rescue the girl and call the cops on the boss. Still, “I” worked at that place for two years. How many other people were imprisoned and eventually murdered by my boss during that time while I was sweeping up the place? Was I eventually going to be next? Those are thoughts/realizations you probably wouldn’t want in your head, hence the ending narration.

    • Yes, it’s orange.
      The lighting in the game is meant to make solving the puzzles harder. We didn’t want it to be just another simple straight forward escape game.
      That being said, we will make some small improvements to the colors for the game’s final version.

  • Sammy

    This may not be on topic, but when is The Gatekeeper 2 coming out…Just wondering πŸ™‚

    BTW GREAT GAME!!!!!!

    • Working on it, there’s been a delay, we will publish further details on our blog.

  • o.b.1

    great game as always πŸ™‚

  • TJ

    This was fantastic!! (major Twilight Zone fan) I do hope you’ll make a series of this! And the music was absolutely perfect!

    • Thank you Tammy, always happy to hear you’ve enjoyed πŸ™‚


    WOW, let’s not jump to conclussions here. We have no idea what that girl did. Maybe she had it coming?

  • Is it scary?? :0

    • The owner of the arcade kidnapped the (missing) Gypsy girl and imprisoned her inside an arcade machine.

  • Takkun Genkyo

    it was pretty tough but fun!

  • Kevin Mask

    I really like the setting and the idea of this game, also enjoyed the creepypasta Polybious easter egg, but I found this one it a little confusing to proceed, mainly due to the great deals of color riddles that I could barely make out, for example, where is the white stripe by the door? I’m color blind so I always have trouble with these riddles, but normally I can see a white thing…

    • ponygerl

      Kevin, how do you get to the Polybious easter egg?

      • Kevin Mask

        The arcade game on the right where you get the code reads Polybious, have a closer eye

        • ponygerl

          Thanks for replying! I went thru the game again and got the clue to use in that maching but didn’t see any easter egg…? Just the number clue it gives you.

          • I think Kevin means and easter egg as in a reference to this old Urban Legend:

          • Kevin Mask

            Yep, she was probably looking for a literal Easter Egg, Ponygerl I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for Easter if that’s what you want πŸ˜€ in the meantimes read the story about the Polybious game

          • ponygerl

            Haha well not an actual egg, (tho that would be cool) but thought the term meant a hidden object or program that would self-execute when stumbled on. So, the EG was the mention of the game then? Cool nonetheless. Thanks!

          • ponygerl

            A fascinating read! Your in-game arcade game looked just like their mockup! Thanks, Carmelo, glad to get to the bottom of the Polybious mystery, and always a thrill to get email from my favorite purple genie πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kevin,

      Did you try using the color blind button on the top left?

      • Kevin Mask

        I wasn’t even aware of its existence -_-

  • ponygerl

    First off, the graphics were EXQUISITE! The flickering monitors, the hanging wires, the neon glow, the lone air duct… Were the scenes by Goran Pesic? It was a major thrill to be able to (sorta) play the games, they seemd so real! I only wished I could throw a light switch at some point to wander thru the scenes & see the goreous artwork in all its detail.
    The music was spot on, and easier to hear than usual, big improvement.
    I did find the color clue on the door a bit frustrating, though.
    Before I went thru the door, I hoped I would be chased a huge neon Blinky PacMan ghost πŸ™‚
    Overall a very enjoyable experience, thx Carmelo!
    BTW, those “gypsy grandma” type machines are fascinating, and would be fun to operate in a game someday, as they give you fortunes πŸ™‚ Maybe in a Vortex Point?

  • aziah

    i like it so much

  • Anahit Nersisyan

    So cool!! <3 Can't wait for the continuation! ^_^

  • Daniela Fernanda Henriquez Oli

    In spanish please!!!

    • We’ve added many languages, please check again.

  • anushka

    is there any chances of creepo’s tales 3???? cause i just love that game!!!!

    • Yes, there is.
      In the meantime you are welcome to play Midnight Cinema, a spiritual sequel to the Creepo’s series.

  • Dustin Varun

    All i could think of when he said ‘The Shadow Realms’ is Futurama with ‘The Scary Door’

    • The Scary Door is also a reference to The Twilight Zone.

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