The Story of Vortex Point

Vortex Point is one of our most popular game series. A lot of people wish to see Dannabelle getting out of her cage and making a fuss. Now that VP will be moving to our new Carmel+ brand, it’ll be possible.
We wish to give VP the treatment its deserves, with richer and higher quality graphics, a long plot and a challenging gameplay.

We released our first VP game in January 2013, without any plans of making a sequel.
After the 2nd VP, we were sure nobody would want to play it because it looked so bad (have you seen Kevin walk?!)
But even after the 3rd part, where there was nothing supernatural to deal with, VP has kept its popularity.
And so, without any master plan along the way, today there are some things in VP which are not the way I wanted them to be.
That is why I now wish to have a master plan for the upcoming VP under our new brand.

Craig and Caroline

My main problem is Craig and Caroline: although in some of the games they are quite helpful, most of the time they don’t do anything.
I had some plans to get rid of them: send them to a different dimension or give them different parts in the game (like making Craig the owner of a new oddity museum and appointing Caroline as the Chief of Police), but I wasn’t sure about the fans response.
I also thought about the possibility of adding another room for their office (just like in the first game), and stick them both there.
Within our time limits, it’s difficult  to code a game in which all three players take a part, so I guess any ideas regarding this duo will be highly appreciated.

The town

Next thing on mind is the town itself.
Like Springfield from the Simpsons, every town needs a map, with some regular and familiar places.
I’ve encountered this board game called Arkham Horror. It gave me a couple of ideas for a VP map, but as always, your ideas are the ones I seek.
Arkham horror

So, if everything will go as planned, we will release VP8 in the first quarter of 2017.
The basic plot has already been written (no Dannabelle this time, sorry), and it’s gonna be a hit!

Have a peaceful weekend.

P.S. – Any thoughts about changing the opening theme song?

Carmel games story writer and graphic designer

  • Mirissa Stewart

    No. Keep the intro song. It is a recognizeable part. BUt make it more action centric and longer.

    • So… not the same song?

      • Mirissa Stewart

        no. Keep the same song but make the intro scene more interesting.

  • Irenne

    I like the idea of Craig and Caroline having other jobs besides the paranormal investigator. I’m not convinced about Caroline chief of the police, though, but I don’t know what she could do (I think she could be fine as a scientist or a spy, but I don’t know how these jobs would fit in the game).
    In the map you should put:
    – the headquarter (obviously);
    – the police station;
    – a park/woods/something with grass and trees where there’s enough room for pentacles, portals, ghosts…
    – the square, better with a statue or a fountain in the middle;
    – the docks (put them in an useless corner, so that they won’t disturb until there’s some weird phantom galleon around);
    – abandoned buildings (in another useless corner);
    – the “Welcome to Vortex Point” sign (you have four corners in a rectangle, right? so for the sign you can choose one of the two remaining ones);
    Last but not least, the song. I wouldn’t change it, but I would surely change the graphycs that accompany it ( they still display the older versions of Kevin, Craig, Caroline and Dannabelle and, in general, your drawing skills got better while the images in the song are still the ones from episode 3, more or less).

  • Talrice

    I’ve also thought that Craig and Caroline should play a bigger role, but I’d like it if they stayed with their current jobs. I think Caroline has been more important than Craig in most VP games because she sticks out as the information-giver, since she’s usually on the computer. But perhaps you could split the “information-giver” role into two sections. For example, Caroline could specialize in searching for old newspaper articles, photographs, and helping (or suggesting) Kevin get in contact with certain people. Craig could have more knowledge about urban legends and the occult. Alternatively, you could make it so that one of them has more knowledge about, say, aliens and the other has more knowledge about vampires and werewolves (just as another example). But I don’t think it’s necessary to make the office have several rooms, as long as the office doesn’t become too cluttered.

    Not sure what to say about the city, but so far I haven’t had any complaints about it in previous games.

    Also, PLEASE keep the intro song!!!

  • Evangeline Carter

    I agree that Caroline and Craig do not seem to take as much of a part in the game as expected. However, their current roles are recognizable, just like the opening song. Maybe, it would be nice to also have them researching something pertinent, so maybe they have a riddle or puzzle to be solved, but otherwise, I feel that they are a fine in their current roles. As for the map in the VP town, there are already certain parts that exist. Listed below as the map exists in my head (I cannot draw, hence the list)
    1. Office [Top right of map]
    2. Fairgrounds [Bottom of map – Little leftish]
    3. Residential Areas [Centrally located]
    4. Abandoned lot next to Residential areas [Goes to the left of Residences]
    5. Town Museum [Right of Residences]
    6. A lake which constitutes the main tourist area [Top left]
    7. Cinema and Shops [Bottom Right]
    This is the map in my head, I hope it helps in someway.
    P.S. Even if you guys don’t change anything, I’d still play VP 🙂

  • Srijan

    Best Of Luck

  • Mr.Crow

    Well for the town (im guessing Vortex Point takes place in our time like in 2016.etc)
    *Their office (of course)- maybe somewhere in the middle of the map.
    *Flats-All around the town.
    *Summer cottages (some cities have those)- also randomly placed.
    *Airport/docks (people gotta visit somehow yes.If they dont have a car.etc)- Top left.
    *A hotel-Top right
    *Shops of course-(some towns have many some have only a few, so thats up to you.)-located in many places maybe?

    Now about Craig and Caroline.
    Well maybe when Craig isnt in the office he gives tours to tourists and tells them about the city or even about the legends about this town (well except for any personal information about the cases they have had.).

    (I will edit this once i get a idea on what Caroline could do.))

  • Aura

    well, we can make craig and caroline help in major situations like finding a clue or a location.

  • Le Fantôme

    You could try making them playable characters, Kevin might be preoccupied one way or another or to get into certain places Kevin can’t.

  • CommonSenseGoneWild

    You could make it so that if you call Craig or Caroline you just say I want you to take over then they would each have different items used for different things.

  • craig and caroline could have their own little mini games inside the main game.

    for example when information is needed caroline will get to a virtual city in the computer and try to find that info. it could be a mini quest (bribe the troll in the virtual bar to give you the code to the black hacker library where you;ll need to trick the librarian to tell you where the correct book is…) or a small minigame (find all the hidden pieces of the information in a clattered image).

    craig can have his own minigame like when a torn photo is found, he will need to put it together either in a mini quest (the scanner is broken so he has to find the correct parts to fix it so he can scan the image…) or just a minigame (create the correct image from all the torn pieces),

  • Cris Without H

    The solution is simple. Make a Vortex Point game where Craig is the protagonist, then Caroline, give them some spotlight. Also, if they are just characters and not protagonist, you can always make them give you hint and even make progress on the investigation alongside you. For example, when you find the evidence, you can check the HQ to check if Craig and Caroline found anything on their end.
    As for the map of the Vortex Point.
    4 words.
    Twin Peaks. Alan Wake.

  • snowleaf

    the theme song is awesome! no need for change please ^_^

    it’d be a shame if caroline and craig disappear… i’m wondering if caroline and craig could be VP9 and VP10’s protaganists respectively – i.e. rotate protagonists for VP games. or else, having daniel/caroline/craig go in “different directions” and be the main controllable avatar for different parts of the map – for instance, if the story needs them to race against time to do a few tasks, the team may have to split up and go to different places to get different things done. alternatively, for one protagonist but have the other two appear/disappear in locations that they are doing things at (similar to how receptionists ‘disappear’ in some of the CG games after you distract them), but giving the protagonist helpful information along the way. it would also be lovely if the trio’s roles/jobs in their little company are delineated clearly.

    as for the town, how about having:
    – a library / town archives where maybe caroline (who seems to be the one looking up info) can go grab more information?
    – mayor’s office – if they call on the trio to help with investigations
    – graveyard – with possible strange but helpful undertaker
    – small shop in an alleyway that sells occult books or magic items
    – occasional featured locations e.g. travelling carnival

    in any case, it’s great news to hear that VP will go under Carmel+. can’t wait for the game to be out! 🙂

  • Nebula

    Wow, a new Vortex Point game is planned! That’s great news! You’re great, as always!
    I think both Craig and Caroline could reveal more internal investigating work to the player. They usually give the necessary information to Kevin right away, but we can’t see how they obtain or deduce it.
    So, an archive room can be added to the town/office plan where Caroline should guess what newspaper clippings to search and look through on the base of the previously gathered evidence, or match the evidence with the prime suspects and look for relevant reports/reference books.
    Or if several sets of fingerprints or some chemical substances are found at the crime scene, Craig should decide, what chemical experiments to do to figure things out and delineate the criminal or the mysterious creature, and do them in a lab.
    Also they could have a special board in the office where all the apparent clues are pinned so that they (and the player, of course) could see what facts to match and investigate further.
    It would be fantastic if they could interact more with Kevin, more jokes or innocent hilarious jibes, more irrelevant features and unexpected challenges, you know, to create vibrant working environment in their team and add an element of surprise. E.g., if Kevin asks something in the wrong way or chooses the wrong action/option, or chooses and brings the wrong evidence, Caroline may refuse to give the information and request to try again and first guess her favorite food (and go find it, ideally, because she is hungry:)). Or put a fish tank on a shelf and make Kevin feed the goldfish in order to get the coveted info from Craig. Or someone uses the coffee machine, spills the coffee on the floor and instead of investigation has to run and look for a mob and by chance finds a new clue in the closet, like a coin with a face that suddenly reminds of a particular suspect, or a piece of paper with a useful phone number or kind of that.
    Well, these are just my thoughts. I hope, they help!

  • Anton Belyanin

    Caroline at the office, Craig at the crime scene

  • John

    First: This is not Highlander – There can be three.(and should!). But you could flesh out Caroline and Craig’s roles a bit. Caroline could be the sciientist / expert in anything technological. She could check evidence, could provide Kevin with gizmo’s to open doors, remote-control stuff, disable alarm systems…If he goes up against a hypnotist provide anti-hypnosis glasses, that sort of stuff. Craig could be more the occult expert, providing Kevin with info on how to deal with anything supernatural. He could provide him with a recipe for a potion that takes care of an enemy,, and then of course Kevin has to find the ingredients…Also, provide Kevin with a mobile phone. Easy contact with Caroline and Craig at all times. You can fit them in anywhere in the story that way.

  • John

    A few more thoughts… that map: Vortex Point is an unusual town and should have unusual roads… For instance, a road that spirals inward, with the oldest houses in the center. A road that only exists at certain times, only the people who live on that road know how to navigate it…
    A road in the form of a lemniscaat (an eight on its side, symbol of eternity) with no connection to the rest of the town.. A road made of ice over a lake, nobody knows why it stays frozen even in midsummer…..
    The shortest road ever (1 meter), which however, some say, can be quite longer, especially on dark, foggy nights…
    The road that goes nobody knows where, because nobody ever returned..

    and so on..

  • RockyRockz

    Can you add my name again? My name is Hafeez Please Carmelo in any of your plus carmel games

  • Xin Yi

    Very glad to hear that Vortex Point is becoming stronger than ever!
    My suggestion would be Craig and Caroline becoming partners with Kevin and they are allowed for the players to choose as a character 🙂

    Having a map would be great, but it has to be a scary/weird type one as it would make more sense?
    Opening song is just fine, could be longer though !

  • Aaliyah

    Hello..while kevin goes to investigate the case…and returns to the office to seek help from craig and caroline…they vanish in front of him and once he solves the case…they return back to the office…you people could do something like that…i guess its quite lame…🙃….and the song is very good so please do not change it..and i have a very small request…i hope you people do it for me….can you please give my name for any small charecter in your game ? Please..lots of hope,

  • Khaalisah Khairulanuar

    Hi there! Happy to hear that VP is getting really popular now and its actually one my most favourite games from you guys! By the way, for Craig and Caroline, one of them could accompany Kevin in certain cases that are too difficult to go solo on. You can also have Kevin as a victim of a paranormal issue and either Craig or Caroline have to go help him. It can also be done vise versa. Another idea is that you can have all 3 characters go to a place like a supposedly haunted hotel or something else and all 3 end up trapped in the building. Lastly, I know its really so much work for you guys to do the coding for the game so I support your efforts and I’m not gonna hassle you guys for any name requests so you guys have less to do 😀 So hope you do well. Good luck 🙂

  • Tristan Stump

    As for Caroline and Craig, how about at certain points they become playable? Likeyword, Kevin solves a few puzzles, but something happens so Craig or Caroline become playable. Or you could (if it isn’t too hard to do so) let the player choose who they want to investigate as.

    As for the map, look up some maps of notoriously paranormal towns around the world and mix them together!

    Vortex Point is my faveorite Carmel Games series! I’d love to see a full game based around it when you make full games someday 🙂 also thank you so much for the shout out of our channel on your blog! We consider that to be an honor!

  • Cambria

    There could be games where the focus is either Caroline and Craig. (The whole Dannabelle subplot just seems like it’d be perfect with Craig as the main character) It’d be fun to play as either of the other two.

  • Shivani

    I always loved VP series. My one of the favorite game. Please don’t change theme song.

  • yoavyoav

    i actually liked the way they helped a little ad their dialogs also, also the theme song is great so dont change it

  • Hermine Parmentier

    Please, keep the theme song ! It’s great
    Even if Craig and Caroline aren’t very useful, there are part of the atmosphere of the game, maybe you can make a game with one of them as the principal character

  • Please dont change the theme song its sooo good

  • TheOneWithin

    Keep the theme song, don’t change it..!

    Perhaps you could keep Craig and Caroline as “optional” in-game characters? (I.e. they could give useful hints/suggestions and maybe occasionally have an optional trinkets/item that would, by obtaining them, unlock hidden areas that add more to the storyline?)

    Thinking long-term, you could have one of them as a point of reference for previous / future games? By this I mean that by talking to one of the characters (Craig?) and inputting a code from a previous game would unlock an item to aid with this mission in a subtle way? (For example, rather than having to locate/unlock 3 items in order to get past an area, you could speak to Craig and input a code that is unlocked by completing one of the previous games and this would give you a “pass” that would grant access to the area)

    I’m not sure how difficult this would be to code into a game, nor how difficult it would be to incorporate the 2nd idea as, obviously, these won’t already be in place..!

  • fadrique

    A longer, harder and again paranormal VP would truly be like a wish come true, VP is the reason I became huge fan go carmel games. I really enjoy the Raw story of first VP would be great if you would go back to the basics with a thrilling new adventure.

  • fadrique

    Oh and don’t change the theme song! It is amazing as it is.

  • Umta-ta

    since ghostbusting does not really pay well, craig and caroline went to work elsewhere, but can be reached via phone and will do some research for the protagonist during working hours.

  • Emma

    when will came the new fortex point?

    • Hi Emma, the new VP is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.

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