The Story of Vortex Point

Vortex Point is one of our most popular game series. A lot of people wish to see Dannabelle getting out of her cage and making a fuss. Now that VP will be moving to our new Carmel+ brand, it’ll be possible.
We wish to give VP the treatment its deserves, with richer and higher quality graphics, a long plot and a challenging gameplay.

We released our first VP game in January 2013, without any plans of making a sequel.
After the 2nd VP, we were sure nobody would want to play it because it looked so bad (have you seen Kevin walk?!)
But even after the 3rd part, where there was nothing supernatural to deal with, VP has kept its popularity.
And so, without any master plan along the way, today there are some things in VP which are not the way I wanted them to be.
That is why I now wish to have a master plan for the upcoming VP under our new brand.

Craig and Caroline

My main problem is Craig and Caroline: although in some of the games they are quite helpful, most of the time they don’t do anything.
I had some plans to get rid of them: send them to a different dimension or give them different parts in the game (like making Craig the owner of a new oddity museum and appointing Caroline as the Chief of Police), but I wasn’t sure about the fans response.
I also thought about the possibility of adding another room for their office (just like in the first game), and stick them both there.
Within our time limits, it’s difficult  to code a game in which all three players take a part, so I guess any ideas regarding this duo will be highly appreciated.

The town

Next thing on mind is the town itself.
Like Springfield from the Simpsons, every town needs a map, with some regular and familiar places.
I’ve encountered this board game called Arkham Horror. It gave me a couple of ideas for a VP map, but as always, your ideas are the ones I seek.
Arkham horror

So, if everything will go as planned, we will release VP8 in the first quarter of 2017.
The basic plot has already been written (no Dannabelle this time, sorry), and it’s gonna be a hit!

Have a peaceful weekend.

P.S. – Any thoughts about changing the opening theme song?

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