The vikings are coming!

Hi everybody!
The weekend is finally here which is great, it will allow us to take a short break from all of the hard work we had on Mystic Seer.
The game is still under development, but so far it looks very promising. It appears that Mystic Seer will be our last game for 2015 (Or our first game for 2016, we’re still not sure).

In the meantime we’re also working on another game, with vikings!
Like always, it starts with a VERY rough sketch:

Then Goran does his magic…

And at last comes the final version:

For those of you who wished to see our very first 10 games (which we wrote about here), you can play them all in a new category we’ve added, just click on the OKI Games category and you’ll see them all.

We remind you that Carmelo’s Art Expo 2016 is still running. Submit you art (you can send as many as you like) and get a chance to win an awesome comic book.

Have a great weekend!

  • TJ

    TGIF!! Enjoy your weekend! Make sure to breathe, smile, giggle a little, and just relax! 🙂

    • We had a pretty good weekend indeed Tammy, thanks!

  • Irenne

    Great sketches, even the rough one – it really looks like MY kind of basic sketch. Have a good weekend, and may the force be with you 🙂

  • Lydia

    Sweet, I can’t wait to see what this game is!


    u spelled with wrong u spelled it as wit.

    • Spelled what wrong?

      • COCAQUEEN24

        U spelled “with” wrong u spelled it as wit.

        • Okay we fixed it now, thanks!

  • Miss Swag RebelDreamer

    looks cool i wanna enter the competition

    • You are more than welcome to participate 🙂

  • aanchal

    hey carmel! Why don’t you make more games like Golem,Having two different endings

    • Check out Vortex Point 6, it has 2 different endings as well.

      • aanchal

        Really? I didn’t know this though I have played the game once

      • aanchal

        what are the endings by the way
        I know :
        1.The circus owner dies on the big wheel when we hit forward.
        2. ???????

        • 2. The circus owner turns in to a baby when you hit backward.

  • What type of program do you use for your sketching? A drawing vector one? I mean before integrating shadows and 3d feeling in blender.

    • We sometimes use Illustrator and sometimes InkScape.

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