The weekend is almost here!

Hi everybody!
Thank you all for writing your opinions on our latest post, GOOD VS. BAD. Your opinions are very important to us, and judging by your comments, we will make games more like Crazyville.
The work on CrazyDad 3 is in its final stages, so we expect the game will be released next week!
The backgrounds for Andrew’s game are all ready, and we received an idea from one of our fans to make the game with appear “pixelated” (as seen in the picture above) and play 8-bit music, that is to give the game a more classic and nostalgic feeling.
What are you thoughts on this idea? We’re still considering it and we’ll keep you posted as we always do.

On a different note, we started a new game series on named Vortex Point Junior. The games in this series are smaller games than the games we usually release and different from the Vortex Point series, check it out!
Those of you who loves the Professor Labcoat game series will sure love this one too. We released the first game last Friday, and tomorrow we’ll release the next game of the series.

Brain teaser
Can you solve the question above?

The series of Professor Labcoat will  come to an end in two weeks from now, and after it we’ll start a new series instead, where you need to spot the thief according to certain clues.

That is all for today, have a magical weekend!

  • Rochelle

    i am the first commenter

  • Aria Fairy


  • Aria Fairy

    but i would be the first if it werent writing

  • Reness


    • Aria Fairy


  • Aria Fairy

    guys why dont you make a game about how in your work the doors close and moti saves you

  • I’ve played it already…about 2 days ago. It is good and always a good luck from me.

  • Irenne

    Can’t wait to play te game! The “spot the thief” game looks awesome too 🙂

  • Markus Siegeris

    To solve the question, it’s #2 with 1820/1865 😀

  • AtomicBow

    Looks amazing, can’t wait. I love all this new amazing games and updates, keep on working. I’m sure this website will come in to its glory age soon.

  • AI


  • Kathryn

    I’d prefer your normal crisp graphics, myself. While I can understand and appreciate the nostalgia associated with pixelated games, I don’t like the fuzziness because it hurts my eyes.

  • Guest


  • Verona

    I LIKE IT! A pixelated game is so cool and so classic and SO AWESOME! Thank you.

  • Alex

    You guys win at nostalgia

  • Chris Chros

    I’d prefer your normal graphics.

  • Red Spark

    I loved the Vortex Point Junior. It was easy and I didn’t even need the walkthrough. I can’t wait for the future games! You go, Carmel Games! Don’t mean to rush you, but when is Vortex Point 6 and Dakota Winchester’s Adventures 3 coming out?

    • Hey Red 🙂

      We have four games under development (Crazy dad 3, Into the wild 2, Andrew’s island and Bosko). Once we’ll finish working on them we will start to work on VP6.

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    keep it up carmel games but please try focusing on 2-3 games at a time

  • TJ

    You guys are doing a great job!! As far as nostalgic pixelation and 8-bit music, it wouldn’t be my personal preference. The stuff you currently put out is much easier on my eyes and ears… lol

    • Most likely we will not pixelate our upcoming games, but we might try it on a short game someday, on one of those ‘one room game’.

  • We will wait for the games

  • parul

    rain rain plz go away
    i want to see cricket match between india and bangladesh
    plz plz my fingers are crosssed !!!!!!!!!
    (hoping for best)

  • parul

    was it ur weekend ?
    then when new game will come

  • parul

    thief idea is so good i likes it a lot plz release it as early as possible

  • Charly Gulati

    I think the ideas “pixelated” games and 8-bit music are great.

  • נועה אייל

    Please don’t do the game pixelated

  • plz.. don’t pixelate your any games it makes it boring and we can not constraint on the game it becomes boring.

  • RockyRockz

    cool carmelo keep it up carmelos team

    what about my name carmelo

  • Evie

    I much prefer the non ” pixelated ” version !! It’s more you 🙂 Good job !!

  • Keisha

    i think the “pixelated” idea will give a lot of people headaches. i know it will to me anyway!

    • michael

      it doesnt give me headaches . ITS FUN !

      • Keisha

        ya i think im just weird lol

  • Shannon Jones

    I am sorry but no offence i am not a big fan of the pixels sorry but i am fine with the 8 bit music just not the pixels

  • footloop

    is moti okay now

  • Renee

    Sorry to tell you Carmel games, but I will not like to play “pixelated” games…. Your regular games are really good.. Pixels are really boring..

  • adi

    I don’t like pixelated games because it really hurts my eyes

  • Kelly

    No don’t make pixelated game …. Make me dizzy and doesn’t look nice I
    don’t like it at all . Just do your normal graphics, it seems lot better

  • John Antonio

    What? Pixelated game?? Oh please Carmel Games don’t make it like that. I will stop playing Carmel Games 🙁

    • Renee

      sadly, true 🙁

  • Caitlin Rose Jennifer

    I’m not happy with Pixelated game thing!!!!! I’m happy with the normal graphic that you made! 🙁 Bad Idea…. though

  • anoushka Gupta

    please dont make the game pixelated. it makes it unclear and all the interest to play the game goes. please think of that.and when is “who has the plane tickets” releasing?

    • AI


  • Sara Elisabeth Steen Olsen

    I think it would be fun with a small pixelated carmel-game ^^

  • Andrea

    Sorry totally against the pixelated idea. Your games are great as they are.

  • its #2 cos the pattern goes as follows

    +2, -3, +2, -3, and so on

  • Milkwhiskers

    Well im not really into pixle games but hey i will still try playing it you know dont judge before you try it.

  • Gwen

    (giggle) (giggle) I can’t wait for the new games! I promise, I’ll be patient. 🙂

  • Pavan Guru

    No don’t make pixelated game

  • AI

    Carmelo I love ur games!!! specially VP6 OMG can’t wait for it and crazy dad 3 and lots more expecting from u …..!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • i think you should definitely do the pixelated version

  • clobug2232

    I agree with Keisha

  • michael

    I think pixelated game would be a good idea ! shows how far back we used to play video games back in the 80’s very good idea carmelteam 😀

  • Rebecca

    brain busters are so hard and the jr vortex point out is still too hard for me! carmel you need like a completly new stratgegy of games for a new idea pixels gr8 idea too!!!

  • عبدالعزيز السهلي

    please make a new back in time

  • taysizz

    i don’t care just hurry i played every game of yours and i’m waiting for another

  • zaina ashfaq

    i have completed the 3 games

  • delice

    can you put me in your next game i’ve got black skin

  • morgan

    you should make alot more new games because the ones you make are alot of fun

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