The weekend is here, hooray!

Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed our latest game, we sure enjoyed making it. The cooperation with Tammy Jo worked great (Yes, there really is a Tammy Jo and she really is a singer! You can subscribe to her YouTube channel or buy the game’s theme song at

Now that January is almost over we are preparing our new time schedule for next month, so make sure to visit here on Sunday and see all of our plans for February!

In the meantime, we want to share with you a few more sketches of Luke’s remake.
As you can see we have some new locations in this upcoming game.





Last but not least, we have a new fan site! It is dedicated to all of our games since the beginning of time, so go and check it out as well.

Have a magical weekend!

  • Yaman

    First Comment
    Great job carmel
    Hope you success

  • 79

    like it

  • TJ

    I love it!! I’ve really enjoyed it… and thank you!! 🙂

    • Thank YOU Tammy! Glad to hear you love the final result 🙂

  • Laura Marano

    i love the sketches for luke’s remake and i love your every game

    • Thank you Laura 🙂

      • Your Welcome Please Make More Interesting Games I Love Your Games <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Колобаев Семён

    Да, оказывается, раньше у вас была другая графика.
    Yes, it turns out that your graphics was not the same.

  • gamer3756

    Nice new fan site! Also, the sketches for the Luke remake look awesome!

  • Red Spark

    Wow! Thanks! I’ve played every game on the site except the Golem, since it was too hard. In fact, Luke was the first game I played even before I knew Carmel games.

    • Jayson Dannog

      Golem was hard at first, but if you take enough time to explore around, it is not as difficult as it looks.

    • Always good to meet long time fans 🙂

  • Carmel Games 1# Fan

    Wow!I like it it’s good

  • Jade

    I love love love the new character design, especially Alexis! She’s so gorgeous! Love you guys! 😀 :3

  • parul

    i m not worried about cg as i knew this site produces always awesome game
    i m dammm sure it will be a fantastic game 🙂

  • parul

    carmel play or i can say fan site is superb

  • Μαριον

    I love Carmel Games, but there is only one thing that I do not like… THE NEW CHARACTER DESIGN!!!! I know you are trying to bring us something new but… the characteristic of CG was their incredible games and their funny characters. Now the games are very short and I do not like the characters. Please do something!!! 😉 ;(

    • Hi there,

      Can you please be more specific regarding which characters you didn’t like?
      We try to be attentive to suggestions and criticism to we could deliver the best experience to the majority of our players.
      Regarding the length of the games, we’re aware that the recent games we’ve released were short, but as we wrote in previous blog posts, we’re also working on longer games 🙂

  • KimikoUzumaki

    Dear Carmel Games,
    I have always loved your games since I first found them. However, your games are becoming too short. I really hope that you are able to make a fun, long game.

    • Hi there Kimi,

      You are right, but we’re also working on some longer games as we wrote in recent blog posts.

  • Verona

    I’m really excited about luke’s remake

    • Not as much as we are 🙂

  • mohammad

    i love carmel games but you should create game every week. i hope you will try your best

    • Hi mohammad,

      We hope we’ll be able to, we’re increasing our games’ release rate as time goes by.

  • Helen


  • Reness

    Hey! The new fan site was good,though graphics can be improved. As suggested by Liam(graphics master he really is!! and a good friend of mine) 🙂

  • yael111222111

    looks cool, i’m so going to play that! whene is it coming?

  • Musical Lover

    Do you take Game Ideas?

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