Time for an update

I just finished writing a new CrazyDad adventure, it was very hard to do, not because the plot was complicated or anything like that, but because I feel like I’m all out of ideas,
For me, it’s a bit difficult staying original after creating lots of games, so I think a little timeout – about 1 month or so – will give us the time we need to think, learn and write cool new stuff.
But that’s not all. Chrome has begun blocking flash by default, which is a wake up call for us. This means, in the long run, that we will no longer be able to produce viable web games.
HTML5 can’t handle the complexity of our games and this means we will have to come up with a different solution (e.g. mobile games, downloadable games etc.)
Either way, our work on H17 is continuing and we will be launching a new website, dedicated to horror movies, books, games and comics, just in time for Halloween.
We still have 4 games to release before taking our short break (Mad Head, Pizza Quest, Jack Dagger’s Treasure and Crazy Vacation), we hope you’ll enjoy them all. Keep in mind that we will continue updating our blog during the break.
That’s all for today, have a great day!

The Birdcage

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Check out The Birdcage, a new game from the same publisher of Murder Mall. It's a 21 levels game with puzzles, and although it doesn't have any goofy characters, like the those you'd find in our games, it's still pretty nice.

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