Vortex Point 3 – Walkthrough

Leave the Office.

Go to the Vortex lake hotel.
Enter the Hotel.
Notice the picture in the back room. Talk to the receptionist, he will give you two Keys. Go upstairs. Use Key #1 on Room #1. Look under the pillow, you will find a Remote. Turn on the hot water in the bathroom, notice the number on the mirror. Go right to leave the room. Use Key #2 on Room #2. Pick up the Toilet paper in the bathroom. Use the remote on the TV, you will get a Phone number. Go left to leave the room, go downstairs and leave the hotel.
Go to the souvenir shop.
Try to enter the restroom, the salesman will say you need to buy something first. Leave the souvenir shop and go left to get back to the map.
Go to the Vortex lake pier.
Use the phone to dial the number you have on the note (5559292). Go right to leave the pier.
Go back to your office and talk to Caroline, she will give you $4. Go left to leave the office.
Go back to the Vortex lake hotel and enter the hotel.
Take the picture of the lake monster off the wall and click on the safe. Enter the number that appeared on the mirror in Room #1 (1988), you will get a key.
Leave the hotel and get back into the souvenir shop.
Give the $4 to the salesman to buy a Lighter.
In the bathroom, through the Toilet paper into the toilet and then flush the water, the toilet will clog. Go left to leave the bathroom.
Talk to the salesman, he will go look for a plunger. Click on the fish on the wall to remove it and reveal a secret drawer. Use the Key on the drawer to open it and receive another Key and a note. Leave the souvenir shop and go left to get back to the map.
Go back to the Vortex lake pier.
Go left. Click on the boat. Use the Key on the keyhole. Enter the solution to the note you received from the secret drawer in the souvenir shop (
Once you get into the island go deeper into it.
Use the Lighter on the gasoline soaked skull, a secret door will be revealed. Click on it. The code is the picture in the back room of the Vortex lake hotel reception (UP,UP,UP,SQUARE).
You’re done!

  • cool but nobody commented? and I love your games I’m sure everyone in the world i CANNOT play in mousecity or get to the ‘jerry’s merry christmas’ place because of ‘policy restrictions’pleas tell me about another place

    • Carmel Games

      During the first week (and sometimes more) the game is available in our sponsor website only, so we can’t upload it right now to anywhere else.
      The good news is the game will be available in all other sites on 11/12.

  • yay! Carmal Games responded to me! thanks i’ll always tell ‘when will the new game come in other places?’

    • sorry i CAN! play in mousecity only that i cannot play jerry”s merry christmas (which i can now!)it is because the computer won’t let me play anything if the place has a ‘love’ or a ‘kiss’if i post this comment then i’ll only be avilable in back in time

  • I LOVE vortex point best of all 🙂

  • thx for walkthroughs

  • hey arifa and soha MERRY CHRISTMAS! also carmal games some times meet me in here (vortex point walkthrough)if you want to know about a story i have made it is about a super hero called super hari who finds a power book left by a villan called elemaentor and defeats him.he later finds the five spies and makes a hero team

    • Carmel Games

      Sounds interesting 🙂

  • umm Carmal genie i have a wish “PLEASE PUT FUTURE GAMES IN THE PRESENT”

    • Carmel Games

      😀 We wish it was that easy!

      • sameer

        why it is not easy?

      • you are right

  • sameer

    can you put a difficult game on for us?please gennie.

    • Carmel Games

      Hi sameer,
      can you please give me an example of a game you think its in the difficulty level you are seeking?

  • carmelo is the name right? i forgot its name

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, Carmelo it is.

  • carmal games what are you working on?

    • Carmel Games

      Back in Time part 2.

  • merry chiristmas sammer

  • i cant get inside the boat!!!

  • Hafsa

    Besstt Gamess! 🙂 (Y)

  • sinthya

    luv it

  • Raquel Paredes

    l still couldn’t figure out the note and had to come here 🙂

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