Vortex Point 4 – Walkthrough

Go left to leave the Office. Go down the stairs to leave the building. Go right to get to the Map.
Go to the Crime Scenes.

Talk to the street vendor and pay him $5 to play the puzzle. Solve the puzzle to get a Camera.
 photo PZL2.jpg
Go into the building. Finish talking to the police officer and get into the apartment on the left. Pick up the Mud on the rug. Get out. Enter into the apartment on the right. Pick up the Mud on the floor.
Go back to the Office.
Give the Mud to Caroline, a new location will be revealed – Craig’s neighbor, go there.
Click the intercom. Click on Rabbi Jacob, you will get into the building. Pick up the Plank on the left. Click on the mouse hole in the bottom of the wall behind you to get Cheese. Click on the door on the right to get into the Rabbi’s apartment. Pick up the Alarm Clock from the shelf. Click on it and solve the puzzle to fix it.
 photo AQW.jpg
Pick up the Tooth from the floor next to the Rabbi’s feet. Talk to the Rabbi.
Leave the Rabbi’s building. Talk to the pizza vendor. Give him the Cheese, he will give you a Pizza.
Go back to the Office.
Give the tooth to Caroline, a new location will be revealed – Ruben’s Academy of Art, go there.
Get into the door on the left. Click on the vending machine. Buy an Energy Drink. Talk to the artist on the left (Ruben). Leave the academy. Click on the intercom. Click on Bertram, you will enter the building. Give the Energy Drink to the painter on the right, he will give you a Paint Thinner. Enter the door on the left. Talk to the lazy guy. Use the Plank on the lazy guy. Click on the shades that cover the window. Use the Camera on the window. Click on the blue book to take a Photo of it. Go back to the Rabbi’s apartment. Give him the Photo.
Go back to the Office.
Use the Fixed Alarm Clock on the golem. Use the Paint Thinner on the Golem.
You’re done!

  • i love your games very much . i am big fan of you moti and or.
    what is meaning of last sentence you write to find hidden carmelos? please tell me and reply.

    with love,


    • Carmel Games

      Hi Suhani!
      We are happy to hear you’re enjoying our games.
      The last sentence was there by mistake, we erased it.

  • noam

    new game?

  • thank you to reply my question

    i have one question for you which country do you belong?
    do you belong to india? from your names i feel you are from india.
    please reply to my question and put my name in your upcoming games.

    with love,



  • hyh

    do more games

  • hyh


  • Cris

    Me and my brother loves your games very much! To all those people behind these amazing games thank you so much! We’re very thankful for creating these great simulation games. Thanks and more power Carmel Games!

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you very much, we are very happy to hear you love our games 🙂

  • bellz

    i love carmel games so much!
    i wish there are more games to play 🙂

  • kaveri

    pretty interesting games you have

  • Kshitij

    which software do you use …..awsme game

    • Carmel Games

      We use Adobe Flash.

  • Is there going to be a 2nd part of dakota winchester ?

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, we will soon start to work on it.

  • alexia

    how do you get out of the art academy? For some reason, I can’t find a way out!

    • Carmel Games

      Just click on the door to your right.

      • alexia

        Oh, now I see. Thank you!

  • lakavybrie

    when you add ray and cooper 2 walkthrough?

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