Vortex Point 8

The gang needs to perform an exorcism in an abandoned lighthouse, and they need all help they can get. Care to join?

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Video Walkthrough

1:26 – get rag
1:30 – get knife
2:58 – use knife, get lucky coin
3:12 – get rope
3:14 – get ruby
3:22 – use luck coin, get card
3:33 – get glowstick
3:44 – get screwdriver
4:12 – get shovel, bucket, sulfur dust, crowbar
4:27 – use sulfur dust
4:31 – use rope
4:43 – use bucket
4:49 – get box
5:25 – use sea water
5:49 – use knife
5:54 – use crowbar, get cpu
6:10 – get sea salt
6:17 – use screwdriver, use cpu, get sage
7:11 – get wet rag
7:18 – use wet rag
7:35 – get ink cartridge
7:47 – use ink cartridge
8:05 – use sage, sea salt
8:54 – get skeleton key
9:05 – use ruby
9:31 – use box
9:46 – use key
9:50 – use shovel
9:54 – use box with skeleton, use holy water

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    Oooh First!

  • gloria jackson

    finally thanks

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Riley the Llama

    This was an amazing game! I loved the plot, the twist ending, and the setting! Although, I was a bit disappointed because there was no grocery store or anything to include the ‘What’s For Lunch’ blog post. It was an excellent game though!

    • Thank you Riley! The grocery store will appear eventually, don’t worry 🙂

  • John Jones

    Nicely done and worth the wait. I did notice a couple of typos/misspellings in the dialogue and I’ll post them here after I do a replay.

    • Thanks John 🙂
      We’ve also noticed some but maybe we missed some that you’ve noticed.

  • andrea

    Fantastic game!! Loved it, from the start to the ending! Congratulations, excellent job! 😀 You’re the best!

  • Sweet Lolita

    Forget my potty mouth but…

    mAN, that ending tho, i love plot twist in games but damn that was amazing and got me tense

    • Thank you!
      And yes, it does mean VP9 :p

      • Sweet Lolita


  • Kathryn

    Another great game! I loved playing this one, it was really fun!

    On a slightly unrelated note, I went to play through a few more vortex point games and found that you can no longer play Vortex Point 4. May I ask why? Thank you for your time, and thank you for another fantastic game!

    • Thank you Kathryn 🙂
      Can you please be more specific regarding VP4? It should be okay, where exactly did you try to play it?

  • VivianT

    Good game! Here’re some suggestions and I hope it is possible to modify it. Firstly, the sign says 銷路 in China town. I suppose you mean market, but in Chinese it is a word that actually describes how a product is selling(popularity, profit…etc.). Perhaps it is better to use
    市場.It represents both noun and verb for ‘market’ in English, but usually as a noun.

    Another is the sign inside the Chinese pharmacy, it is better to use 藥房 than 药房, because it’s origin is from ancient China, which uses traditional Chinese. So it is better to stick to the traditional Chinese.
    Thanks for reading my comment and I hope you can modify it if it is possible! Trust me, I am from Hong Kong ; )

    • Thank you very much Vivian, we will have it fixed for the final version 🙂

  • Cido Marques

    I managed to complete in 36:33, was it a good time?

    • It’s all relative but in our opinion yes it is Cido 😀

  • Jin Sang

    Yay, Jin! 🙂

  • Faruk

    Awsome game guys.
    Good job

  • Marlen e

    “….and he chopped the piano!”
    me: haha okay I just thought…
    “…and then he chopped his wife!”
    me: .oh

  • great game. i really love the long games you make and wish you’ll make more of these 🙂
    finished this one in 19:50.
    waiting anxiously for vortex point 9.

    • Thank you Uri 🙂
      Good timing!

  • Cris Without H

    I must say, while I prefer this style of the town over the one in Vortex Point 4, I still think that the Twin Peaks-llike town surrounded by the forest and the swamp was the best, like it was in Vortex Point 1, 2, 6 and 7.

    • The island is big, there are more areas, some of them are similar to what you’re describing.. To be continued 🙂

      • Cris Without H

        Yay 😀

  • banana55


  • Sakshi


  • snowleaf

    great game! love the twist at the end. hope to see more such long games. vortex point is a really nice series!

  • Ian Jackson

    Another wonderful installment in the series, perhaps the best yet and what a great ending. Just the right level of difficulty too, not so easy that there’s no challenge and yet not so hard that you give up in frustration. You guys have an amazing company producing easily the best games of this genre on the net. I hope you manage to make a few bucks from these games because you certainly deserve to. Can’t wait for Vortex Point 9!

    • Thank you very much Ian for the kind words, we appreciate it a lot 🙂
      There’s still time until the next installment (VP9), but we’ll get there eventually, don’t worry!

  • Tristan Stump

    OHMYGOSH i didn’t get on here until today but you released this on my BIRTHDAY!!! Haha!

    • Happy Birthday Tristan! 😀

  • SliffTiff Baca

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!! 🙂

  • Tati Avendaño

    You’re incredible, thank you!

    • Thank you very much Tati!

  • Alexander Raja

    Alright, a new Vortex Point! Love this one! 😀

  • tanny99

    that’s a scary ending…..but the game was……AWESOME!!!!!! :-D:-D

  • VeryEasy

    Just coming to say thank you. You fulfil my point and click needs in an “idle” saturated world.

    • Thank you for playing! 🙂

  • tiny

    Not another cliff hanger I still want to know the endings of Midnight Cinema and The Gatekeeper

  • TJ

    Very nice!!! Another VP very well done!! 🙂

    • Thank you Tammy! It’s always fun to see you’re still keeping track of our games 😀

  • Bryan Lewis

    Can I use your logo at on some t shirts

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Bryan,

      Sorry but no. The logo’s design belongs to us and we plan to use it for t-shirts and other merchandise in the future.


    Por favor; también háganlo en español, no le entiendo :'( Es de mis juegos favoritos

    • adi

      She said she want the game in spanish because she cant understand anything. And she also said that VP games are her favorites.

      Oh, and by the way, if she is asking, i also want to play this game in spanish. Like, I’m from Israel, but I LOVE spanish so much. thanks anyway ;P.

      • Hi adi,

        Thank you very much for translating and helping 🙂
        It’s nice to see your Spanish is so good although you’re an Israeli, me as one does not know very good Spanish 😛

        • adi

          Thank you 🙂

    • Hola Evelin,

      Estamos trabajando en la traducción al español, pero tomará tiempo, alrededor de 2 semanas. Esto es generalmente como es con nuestros juegos, primero lanzamos en inglés solamente y solamente entonces la versión final con las traducciones.
      Lo siento por el Traductor de Google 🙂

      • EVELIN

        Ok, muchas gracias 😀

  • Lizzy

    Hey all! New to this message board but I’ve played all of the carmelgames in the last few months. I really enjoyed Vortex Point 8. But I think the reason why it did not excite me as much as past vortex point games is maybe because there wasn’t as much dialogue as I would have liked. I like more interaction between the characters. I liked the dialogue in VP7.
    Btw, will DAVID & KEITHAN ever come back? I like their mysteries as well.
    Also did you ever think of making a game which has different endings depending on the choices you make throughout the game? Would cause for more conversation and interest between the gamers. Would be cool. Anyway, thanks, have a nice day.

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Welcome to the comments section, it’s good to have you!
      We’ll try to put in some more dialogs in the next VP, this one had already exceeded the time we had to spent on it.
      David & Keithan will might come back, it’s one of the games that we really do want to have a sequel for, but for now just couldn’t find the time for, we hope to find it eventually.

      Regarding you last question, we actually did some games like that 🙂
      Golem (an old game we made before Carmel Games was even established)
      Vortex Point 6
      Ozzy (Not really, but a little bit)

      Have a nice week!

  • Michelle Iraheta

    omg please keep doing this games! i love them!

    • We will for as long as we can Michelle 🙂

  • sdi

    Reminds me a lot of the old Ray and Cooper.

    • There are indeed some similarities 😛

  • Harold Saxon

    Amazing game as always, but I noticed a little mistake in the dialogue in the intro. At one point Kevin said “while” out loud, but the text had will. Just thought I would point that out.
    Keep up the good work however

    • Thank you Harold, this mistake will be fixed for the game’s final version.

  • Itamar Ben Dan

    whan will you add the hebrow transilation?

    • We hope to have it done by Monday.

  • Daniela Fernanda Henriquez Oli

    Please!!! in spanish!!!

  • Rahul

    good game but I didn’t understand the ending though.Anyways great game!!!

    • The ending means the ghost is still out there… Muhahahahaha!

  • ron

    how many more vp will come

    • As many as will be possible.

  • zhulená morčice

    wow in czech? i really like this game in my language… in this world i like vortex point and creepypastas 😛 sorry for my english…

    • We translate almost all of out games to Czech, you’re welcome to check it out 🙂


    Me gustó mucho 😀

  • Barby & Aurora

    mu bueno!

  • Verona

    Aww, come on! Nice plot twist tho.

  • Katu15

    de todos los juegos que e jugado de este citio este es el que mas me a gustado toda la serie de vortex point lo que mas me gusta es la cancion

    • Gracias, no hay discusión, Vortex Point es nuestra serie más exitosa de juegos de lejos 🙂

      • Katu15

        Me encanta esta pagina la reviso todos los días

  • Anu Mohta

    When will vortex point 9 release? egarly waiting.. please release it fast

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