Weekly update

Hi everybody!
Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming games we’ll be releasing(order of release might change):
Very soon, maybe even today, we’ll release Quest for Pancake:
pancake game
Later on we will have The Magical Forest:
forest game
After the forest, we’ll go back in time and have some Medieval Fun:
Medieval game
And last but not least, you’re about to be stuck with no fuel in a forsaken ghost town:
ghost town game
In between we will be working on our next CG+ game for this year’s Halloween and also transferring some of our games to mobile (it will take some time, sorry about that).

VP 2.0

After reading your comments, we decided together about the changes which will take place starting with our next VP game.
Craig will be removed of the gang’s office. Instead, he will now be a tourist guide around the town (Thank you Mr.Crow for this idea).
In his little shop you’ll find lots of VP souvenirs (just like the ones at the Mystery Shack of Gravity Falls), and special amulets which will come in handy in the game.
Caroline will remain in office. She’ll be giving Kevin his assignments and also help him find useful information on here unique database.
Other than that, Craig and Caroline will have their own mini games inside the main games (thank you Uri, we loved your idea!)
The games’ opening will also be updated to have a bit more creepy music and atmosphere.
Now all that’s left is to wait until the first quarter of 2017, which is when we’ll release the new and improved VP.

That’s all for today, have a magical day!

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