Welcome to Crazyville

It’s no secret that my favorite CG game has always been A Night in Crazyville.
Of course, we’ve made better and more interesting games since then, but Crazyville will always have its special place in my heart.
That vivid colored graphics, the goofy animation and a lot of characters to interact with along with poisoning people for fun, made it a funny game I really enjoyed playing.

The dark secret of Crazyville

I guess some of you have wondered why did we change the name of the game from “A Night in CrazyVille” to “A Night in CrazyTown”.
The email we received from Zynga’s lawyers answers that question (Click image to enlarge):

email zynga

The fact that we got this email from a company which had its entire portfolio cloned from small independent developers definitely implied that we were under surveillance by this evil company, but I must say I have no idea how can someone like Zynga demand to be the sole owner of the “ville” suffix in the gaming industry.

And back to 2017

As part of the H17 project for Halloween, we are working on a Crazyville remake. The game will have a couple of twists in the story and Jason will be replaced by someone else, however it will still be similar to the original game.
My goal, as the game designer, is to replace all of the illogical puzzles in that game and find ways to improve its graphic style.

Here are the first 3 screens from this remake (which I’ll probably redo, because I’m not completely satisfied with)

Two of these backgrounds belong to a new location – Jason’s apartment. The third one belongs to the Booze Shack (no dead skunk this time).
I will appreciate your thoughts on the game: how to make it better, how to make the graphics better, etc.
Have a great weekend!

Carmel games story writer and graphic designer

  • Maryam

    please dont replace Jason old is gold and can not be sold Jason is perfect for the game just edit his appearance a little cause WE WANT JASON ! WE WANT JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tanny99

      relax dude..i dont think that the main protagonist will change

      • Maryam

        i know but i sill want james

  • gambitmay

    “welcome to a crazy town” is a line of one of my favorite songs
    (I don’t know english)

  • Léa

    Maybe you can do the other screens more illuminated like in the first crazyville. Will you do the game before your break?

  • gloria jackson

    what do you use to make games

  • John Jones

    I liked Crazytown, but I kept expecting the twist ending of “Congratulations on catching the fugitive. You can spend your reward money after you get out of jail for murdering 9 people.”

  • Lily Li

    Welcome to the 21 century… where words like “reaction” and “ville” are legal trademarks -.-
    Don’t be discouraged by these jerks and keep on the great work!

  • Flavia

    Please, just don’t make the characters like in Luke Deluxe reboot (small, childish, round) keep tgem good…. i felt like playing a children’s game, that’s ALL I ASK!!

  • tanny99

    i had a question……will you add new puzzles or it will be the same?? the remake of crazytown

  • GeneJacket

    how is the word ‘ville’ their property? please remake the game and name it as ‘crazyville’ again, they have no right to do that.

  • myuhinny

    This is pretty funny coming from a company that has been hit several times for copying game concepts of popular games by competing developers. If it were me I wouldn’t even pay attention to them or you can just spell it crazyvillee and then sit back and watch them cry but since it’s no longer ville they can’t do anything at all to stop you.

  • Helena

    omg me and the guy from zynga have the same lastname lol

  • Flavia

    What about Where is my cat reboot??

  • DaGeniusGamer 360

    could you fix a problem… Whenever a wrong code is placed, you have to restart the game to put in the right one. please help

  • Ritu Priya

    When will u guys release a new game??? We are waiting.

  • Carmelfan

    Hey! I hope you guys remember me.

    It’s been a VERY long time since I last played/commented here, but I’m happy to say I now have enough free time to do so! And boy, I have A LOT of games to catch up on.

  • snowleaf

    man, that sucks. kudos to carmelgames for being the more gracious one!

  • aviraj

    one can argue if you have money that suffix ville is considered a suffix used to denote cities eg lluoisville

  • ponygerl

    Man, it’s sad when a small independent gaming co. has to lawyer up to survive X(
    Sorry not to offer any suggestions, but those scenes are gorgeous! I was a bit concerned when u mentioned vivid colors that it would look like a Chuck E Cheese, but those are subtle with a ton of atmosphere. I’d happily move into the top one tomorrow. The neon glow, cracked random sidewalk, all the subtleties that set ur games apart. I just love the way you work luminosity into your scenes as well. .

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