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Hi everybody!
It’s been a while since our last post, but we are returning to regular work this Wednesday. This means you won’t have to wait for D&K and Skip-India much longer.
Above you can see the first characters’ sketches for The Baron game. As said before, it’s going to be our longest game so far, with more than 20 backgrounds and 12 characters.

We recently bought a copy of GameMaker, which allows to make computer games without much knowledge in programming.
We wish to write tutorials that’ll explains how to develop point&click and graphic adventure games easily using that program.


Introducing Goodgame Big Farm

Some of you may remember our cooperation with Goodgame Studios, which started 6 months ago with the game Goodgame Empire. Now we are launching another one of their web games, right here on our website.
The game is called Goodgame Big Farm, and in it you will plant crops, harvest and process them, care for your animals and make sure that your workers are happy – making your farm grow successfully.
The game is available in our website’s top menu, under the Games category, click HERE to check it out.

So see you again real soon 🙂

P.S. – Thank you for your votes in Kongregates’ monthly contest which has ended yesterday, we will keep you posted with the final results.

  • Prisca


  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    second comment


    please add my name in skip around the world

  • michael

    4th comment … cant wait 🙂 would love to make my own point and click games but love your work better 🙂 keep up the good work CARMELGAMES 😀

  • Kunal

    Love you carmello…! but you take long this time

  • Kunal

    I am tired waiting for new games

    • AtomicBow

      It takes time to make a spectacular game, just hold on for a few more weeks and the game will be out. Trust me, they’re trying to finish it as soon as possible, give them some time. They’re putting their heart and soul into this game, just like any other game they make. For the time being, keep yourself busy or develop your own game and see how long it takes.

  • Kunal

    I would also like to make games

  • Kunal

    carmello can you add my name Kunal to the game

  • Darius

    Will you make some more brain busters games,like who lives here and temple of knowledge?

  • cgfan

    why don’t you release this game in hindi translation too?! that will be amazing.

  • cgfan

    who thinks the older web site was classic and better?

    and the older sketches

    it was easier to comment there (less formalities)

    the characters were more cartooney and cuter!! 🙂

    • AtomicBow

      They update the website to suit people’s preference, they want us to have a more easier and pleasant way to get around the website, especially for newcomers. It’s difficult to locate the games for newcomers, especially as if they know nothing of the developer or the website. That’s why they have to adapt to modern ways of a website. But it’s still funny and cute as usual, just relax and you’ll get used to it.

  • cafelove

    yes can you please release this game in hindi translation too. would love that.

  • TJ

    How exciting!! Really looking forward to the tutorial, as well!

  • cgfan

    who thinks the older web site was classic and better?

    and the older sketches

    it was easier to comment there (less formalities)

    the characters were more cartoony and cuter!! :)why don’t you release this game in hindi translation too?! that will be amazing

    • Hi cgfan,

      We agree that the older website had it’s advantages, but altogether the new one has more advantages, despite it’s disadvantages.
      Will you be interested in helping us translating our games into hindi?

      • cgfan

        yup but wt i’ll have to do and how?

        • Please contact us using the contact form and we’ll explain everything.

          • cgfan

            i did but no reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • cgfan

            not a single reply!!!!!!!!

          • cgfan

            hlo??????? i did so but no reply!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW!!!! u wrote India in hindi, looking so cool. If it is based on india can u plzzz… put my name – “Pragya” or “Pragya Harsh”

  • Irenne

    Looking forward for all the new games! By the way, is GameMaker free? Because, if it is, I’m gonna download it right away!

  • Red Spark

    Hi Carmel Games, I can’t wait for the upcoming games. So excited!

  • Torrie Johnson

    How come the length of time to release new games is so spread out?

  • Puma1140

    Hello from Greece!

    Every game of yours is great! Is there a possibility to develop a long game with saves etc?

    Additionally, as your new game will be developed using GameMaker, in which platform(s) is it going to be exported?

    • First of all thank you for the compliments, we appreciate it 🙂
      Regarding GameMaker, we are not going to develop games using GameMaker, at least for now, but we are going to write tutorials for developing games using it, in hope those will help our website’s visitors.
      About the long game, we will soon start working on The Baron game, which will be long, and might introduce a saving option.

      • Puma1140

        Oh, I misunderstood 🙂

        Can’t wait to see The Baron game!

  • Milkwhiskers

    I just saw this: and i could not help picturing Kevin laughing like that oh god..

  • Gajunas Dabusinskas

    dear carmel games i would love to help you develop a game and translate it in lithuania because i speak lithuania please reply Gajunas

  • Isabelle Recchia


  • Angela Tinkerbell

    Cool can’t wait for all off them toooooo come out!!


    Hey Carmelo just put my name in skip to India. I loved that u have written in Hindi and pls translate the in Hindi . u can put my name (gautami)or ( gautami Hegde)

    • Hi Gautami, we will place you name in a sign on one of the buildings.

  • Jardine

    What program to do use to make your games? I have been making stupid silly little games using C# on visual studio. They’re absolutely nothing like yours but its still so much fun to develop small ideas into something big and with computers nothing (well almost nothing) is impossible, plus i just love coding hahaha

    • We too, like you, started with small silly games, some of them could not even be called games :), but that’s how you start. With time you will acquire experience and knowledge which will help you develop games with a higher quality.
      We use Flash & AS3 for our games.

  • Tanushree

    Plz add my name also in skip around India

  • Goodwork Carmelo! Take your time dudes 😉

  • zekra

    Hey there carmel games ! Can u pls put my name in the game as well ?? Pls…i hope u would….so if ur putting pls say me even if u dont put pls inform me tht u r not gonna put my name….i hope u vl rply…:)

  • AtomicBow

    Hello! I’m back from my holiday. I do love those sketches, they’re very modern and well thought out. The facial expressions are just hilarious to me and the detail is spectacular. I hope everything goes according to plan. Great work as usual, also is there a release date for the game? 😉

  • Tanushree

    plz add my name also in Skip around India

  • Ayesha

    today is my birthday im very much tired finding new games when will the new games come.

    • Irenne

      Happy Birthday, Ayesha! 🙂

    • Happy birthday!
      We will have a new game ready in a week or so.

  • mboesn

    you didnt put a link to where to get the porgram

  • zekra

    Hi ! Carmel games plz add my name in skip around india…plz plz i beg u…..since i have started to play your games…i have been waiting for my name to be put in any one the games u make…if zekra looks soo diffrent then plz put the name ‘aaliyah’ coz i love this name….i hope u vl help….:)

  • I_RULE

    I’ve played Big Farm before, but I forgot my password. Looks like I’ll be creating another account…

  • Dora

    Hi Carmelo! I played your game, Habla Kadabla, and found an easter egg.
    They gave me a code (9edab68c3|0c32c). What I need to do with it?

  • Mateus Villela


  • Hey, Carmelo, I’m a big fan of all your games; haven’t missed playing any one of them. I love how you’ve made a game for India; since I’m originally from there, especially the Hindi translation in the title. I would love if you put my name in the game, it’s Anika. Thanks! 🙂

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Anika,

      We’re sorry but the development of this game is pretty much finished, maybe next time 🙂

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