Who wants to go to the carnival?

Hi everybody!
We hope you are all having fun this weekend, we have a few updates for you regarding our upcoming games.
Into the Wild 2 will be released in a few days, and we already planned what will be coming next as you can see below:

work plan

The three escape games are going to be relatively short, that is to allow us to give both VP6 and D&K the proper attention they deserve. Both of them are going to be longer than usual games, and we hope you’ll all enjoy them.
You can already see some of the new Vortex Point sketches. This time the game will take place in a mysterious carnival, located near the Vortex Point swamps.

Vortex Point 6 sketch

Vortex Point 6 sketch

And as you can see, at the bottom of our work plan you can find The Baron. During September we are planning to work on this game, after mostly just talking about it for over a year 🙂

One more thing, some of you may have noticed a new feature in our most recent game’s (Smells Like Art) settings, this feature will appear in all of our games from now on. The volume of the characters’ voices can now be controlled gradually instead of just on/off, this will allow you to balance the volume, which relatively to the music is sometimes too loud or too quiet. In the future we also intend to add balancing options to the music and the sound effects.


So stay tuned, great games are coming your way soon!

  • Dianne

    First Comment, Carmel Games Your Games Rocks! I was hoping you guys make Vortex Point 6 and I will be waiting Into The Wild 2 and David & Keithan. And where is Skip around the world?

    • Hi Dianne,

      Happy to see you’re satisfied with at least most of our schedule 🙂
      Skip will fly to India, just a bit later than planned.

  • Wiktoria

    Carmel Games without your games i would be in my room looking at a wall for hours. i cant stop playing your games or i would die. I cant wait for all of the games

    • We don’t want any of our fans dead, so we’ll keep working hard 🙂

  • Ramiro

    Third commenter, ummmm i have nothing to say :p

  • AI

    fourth comment nice well u are great as always I can’t wait for VP6 and that game is also going to be long…. well hoping for best from u Carmelo!!!! 🙂 😀

    • Thank you 🙂

      • AI

        ur welcome

  • The Emerald Legend

    I can’t WAIT for VP6! I love that series! And the carnival place looks great!

  • Eduardo Conde Machado

    I miss subtitles

  • RockyRockz

    cooll i am waiting for it yayy!!!! lots of games

  • Red Spark

    Hi Carmel Games! Wow! So many games! You guys must be working really hard. I can’t for them all. Especially VP6 and D&K. Good luck!

    • Thank you very much, we can hardly wait too!

    • AI

      me 2 because these games r going to be long and special hooooo!!!

  • taysizz

    aaaah plz make another game

    • We will do many more, as can be seen in the schedule 🙂

      • taysizz

        good and yay!new game


    omg carmelo you guys and gals are tots great at doing what you do please never stop if you guys and gals stoped it feel like a huge nightmare you are so great i am biting my nails in excitement please never stop cant wait for games you are great just awesomer than awesome can describe just keep doing what your doing and you probably dont hear this a lot but thanks cant wait you keep making and ill keep gaming thanks carmelo

    • Thank you very much Winter!
      We hope to be able to keep making these games for as long as we could!

      • WINTER

        well you guys and gals are great if anyone asks me

  • I am so excited for all of the games and I guess these all games will be a lot of work to do so Best of luck from me Carmelo 😉

  • Aria Fairy

    I am so excited for all of the games and I guess these all games will be a lot of work to do so Best of luck from me Carmelo 😉

    • hey Aria what does it mean ?.-.

      • girlgamer

        sems like sh copy your post hahahaha

    • ………?

  • Verona

    Well, what I really want is Vortex Point 6 and good settings because I ca hear the chaters talking loud and clear. Thank you very much

    • Verona

      Sorry, it’s characters

    • Not much to wait Verona, happy you liked the settings 🙂

  • Maryum Ajmal

    Nice settings carmelo I love them.Waiting anxiously for upcoming games especially vortex point 6 and good luck.

    • Thanks Maryum!

    • AI

      me 2!!!

  • Ibad Ishtiaq

    Where is Skip Goes to India

    • Skip WILL go to India, just a bit later than planned. That being said, this schedule is not 100% final and we will try to push Skip ahead!

      • Ibad Ishtiaq

        Okay and you guys rock Keep Making Good Games

        • Thank you, we will do our best!

      • jane786

        Hey Carmelo why wont skip go to pakistan ?

        • AI

          yup !!!

        • No one said he won’t, just not this time 🙂

  • Yash

    Well, nice work plan guys but what about Skip Around the world: India? You guys have been talking about it since a month or two. But it ain’t in your work plan right now so I suspect that you have abandoned that idea, that is why you guys aren’t writing about it in your posts…

    • Hi Yash,
      Skip WILL go to India, just a bit later than planned. That being said, this schedule is not 100% final and we will try to push Skip ahead! I can assure you the idea is not abandoned at all, the general plot idea is written.
      Also, just for general knowledge a month or two isn’t a long time, it usually takes a lot longer from the time we think about a game’s idea until we start working on it.

      • Yash

        Oh! ok thanks for informing and replying. I was wrong that I suspected YOU guys. Sorry. And excellent work done on search for the dahu. And please use my name in Skip around india.

      • girlgamer

        hello carmelo why India not paris good either romantic beautiful place something could be like that ill make the the story so long!
        Skip Around the world: Paris

        He met yash he’s new friend he’s roommate one day : yash and skip leave a while someone forget to close the door and they get robbed they money gadgets and cellphone is also took they reported it and they would like to see the cctv but the guard said no then the guard speak: okay you may watch it in one conditoin bring me here a cake and thats all but skip and yash dont have money to buy a cak they join a competion it call paint draw set the prize is $500 dollar so they win they buy a cake as fast as they could and give it to the guard then the guard let them watch th cctv but no use the cctv is blurry but they dont giv up they go to the police station and give the the tape then they look at the face so carefully while reparing the tape and suprise suprise its the gits the guard the polic arrested the guard and th maneger of the dorm say sorry for that thn school day is here
        he will study in paris for 5 months but during school theirs some bullies then one day he met flora some of his classmate bulliying Flora so he have to help flora and h hav to risk out the bullies by himslf so h bullied the bullis but no use ……. Im sorry the story will end hllo carmlo intrestd at may story please if your interested reply if your enterested (sorry some of the sentence and words dont have E bacaus the E is broken you hav to click it so much just to work)

        • Wow Francine,
          That’s a very elaborated idea, we’ll see what we can do with it 🙂

          • girlgamer

            IM really glad you liked it

        • Aarsh Khare

          India is much better than your paris

  • TJ

    Just keeps getting better and better! The carnival setting looks great, and I love, love, love the sound adjustment!! Keep it up… you totally ROCK!

    • Thank you Tammy, we love you! 😀

      • TJ


        • ambrosealley

          mhm Tammy (v)

        • Wow Tammy!
          That’s really nice! I didn’t know you know Photoshop 🙂

          • TJ

            Thanks… I do, but I don’t have Photoshop on this computer. I used a different app. 🙂


    u have not even started skip to india . when will you start ur work on skip to india. pls do as fast as u can

    • This is not true, work has started, soon enough we will upload some content.

  • I will wait for the upcoming games

  • Aarsh Khare

    Hip Hip Hurray

    • Yash

      did u play search for dahu?

      • Aarsh Khare

        Are you yash from Lucknow

        • Yash


          • Aarsh Khare


        • Yash


          • Aarsh Khare

            They mentioned me in skip’s trip to india blog

      • Aarsh Khare


  • cool

  • coooooool 😉

  • gillian

    hey carmelo when is pyramid escape game coming

  • AtomicBow

    Can’t wait for the upcoming games, keep up the great work. Hope you’ll make all the requested games soon. The setting for the Carnival is amazing, as Tammy said. Excellent work, and a nice plan. Keep up the work. Carmelo, you are amazing!

    • Thank you very much, we hope that all goals will be met soon 🙂

  • Rohit Garg

    But what about the game Skip around the India.
    When will it come. I m very curious about that game.

    • Skip in India is under work but will be released a bit later because we have 2 long games coming soon.

  • Rohit Garg

    why don’t you all make the third part of dakota winchester’s adventures

    • Dakota will have a 3rd part, but probably only next year.

  • Constanza Florentin

    I want to know what happend with Dakota´s adventures! I want to play the final part sooo much :B

    • The 3rd part of Dakota will probably be released in the start of 2016.

  • Connie

    Yes! I can’t wait!

  • Aqua

    when i heard theres a vortex point 6 i was literally jumping up and down with joy screaming ‘I’M SO EXICTED’

    • We’re happy to know it made you so happy 🙂

  • aanchal

    hi carmel games really excited for upcoming games!!!!!!!Just curious about the skip around the world indian game about which you mentioned a long time ago?

    • Skip in India is delayed a bit but we’re working on it.

      • aanchal

        thanx for updating

  • Aqua

    when are you gonna release VP6 i cant wait for it

    • VP6 will be released in August, no exact date yet.

  • winner146

    I love carmel games! and their games:) exept vortex point spooks me out.

    • We think you’re in a minority here 🙂

  • girlgamer

    vortex point 6 yeah when it will come hope this monday come

    • This August, no precise date for now.

  • ananto

    plz tell me when ur gonna make the vortex point i really like it

    • We are working on it right now 🙂

  • nilimamestry

    Your game are so amazing………

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