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Hi everybody!
We moved our site to a new server, which means things should move a bit smoother and there should also be no crashes. That is also why it took us so long to post a new update, but now when that is out of our way, we can share some of the work on our upcoming games with you.

Fantasy Game

This short game will take place in a magical world (we’re still thinking of a name).
The evil wizard is trying to destroy the magical kingdom, but it’s not going to be that hard to beat him 🙂



Luke Deluxe

Our main effort this month will be focusing on Luke. As we said before, we want this game to be one of our best games so far, so we are giving a lot of attention to all the small details.
At the moment we are drawing the game’s new backgrounds. We tried to stay loyal to the original game’s color scheme where it was possible.

Below you can see the wedding chapel: the original drawing from 2012. Underneath it is the sketch for the new chapel, and underneath that you’ll see several colors schemes that we were testing.






We plan on writing a coloring tutorial soon, we hope you will find it interesting and useful.

One last thing we would like to say:
Some of you wrote us that our recent games are very short.
We try our best to bring you new, original and quality games, free of charge, but in order for us to be able to keep developing free games and yet stay profitable, we must release more games, that is because a big share of our income comes from the ads that appear in each game. Less games means less revenue, and that means we will not be able to keep on producing more games.
That being said, we do have plans for three big games this year, which we wrote about before.

Have a magical day 🙂

  • Red Spark

    Great Work! I think that the 3rd sketch with the bells look the best. I can’t wait for the games!

  • Prisca

    I don’t really know about the colors………………..:)

  • Jardine

    Yay im so excited! My favourite sketch is the one with the bells! 🙂 Keep up the good work guys!!

  • gamer3756

    I can’t wait for Luke! The last sketch with the bells looks awesome! Keep up the great work :)!!

  • Jolo

    @Carmel Games where is the March calendar?

    • Hi there,

      Good question!
      Because this month we’re working very hard on Luke Deluxe, we prefer not to commit on a schedule for now, so the calendar was not published. We’ll might publish it later on (no promising that either).

  • name

    yeah! where is it?:(

  • name

    yeaaH where is it?? agh !!!!!!!!

  • andrea

    Wow a fantasy game! I’m so excited for Luke! Don’t worry for the complainers, we love your games, keep up working peacefully!

  • TJ

    Awesome news! Take your time… I know whatever you put out will be fantastic! And I have to agree with the previous comments on the sketches. I really like the third one, with the blue background and the bells. Have a day full of laughter, my friends! 🙂

    • Yes it appears that most people here prefer that last sketch 🙂

  • yash

    hi, carmel
    we love your games….but…overall your creepo’s tale 2 was satisfactory……. a little more was expected…..
    it wasn’t much scary and the ending wasn’t much the villian ( mason) wasn’t much clearly shown.( if you guys will make creepo 3 with mason and the mother thingy..etc..then it is fine if you are not showing the charecter fully…) by the way,… i think the first one or the third is the better then the second wedding chapel….
    bcoz the first one the wedding chapel can be seen properly and the third one has good colours and windows…..
    all the best,

    • Thanks for your feedback yash!

  • I can”t wait tell the luke remake it looks awesome. Creepos tales 2 was awesome but the ending was a little disappointing i wish there was more action to depict the mason part at the end other than him just walking and falling into the mat i personally think it would have been better if you used a comic or even a quick animated scene at the end. But over all the game was fun. Plus if your making an adventure game maybe you guys should name it The Adventures of Eldaria or something like that. – Luke.

    • Thank you for the feedback Luke. We’ll think about your suggestion.

  • Sara

    I am glad for longer games, but every game from you is perfect!

    Can you translate some games to czech language? Thank you.

    • If we’ll have volunteer translators we’ll consider it as an option.

  • Irenne

    The fantasy game sounds awesome, I can’t wait to play it!
    Talking about the three churches, I’m with the group of people who prefers the 3rd one with the bells, but I think that the 1st one’s colours are more appropriate 🙂

    • It appears we have a majority here.

  • girlgamer

    It just great but I wish now? His game is too long so its fun adventure or something difficult you can play it long or just there? 1-10 promblem on it example luke just get a knife for the cake but someone theft it and he most find the robber and get the knife and once a you got the cake for the evil monster she saw a girl that are sohungry that’s way he have to gave the cake because she rember her sister that the monster kill and when he got home the cake ate by rats and he does have money to buy other cake he go ______ to get money and when he’s on the cake shop there’s no cake left then he have to go to the crushing cake shop near to his house but his shy to buy in there cause (example name) ella is her crush and if she see ella h got sick so he have to call(example name) andrey his bestfriend to go on crushing cake shop and buy a cake but andrey sister will be left on andreys house and her sister don’t want to leave andrey causeall people are scared andrey didn’t scared for her sister then
    ………………………….:-) 😉
    If you want I can tell you the whole story
    Later !!!! Happy playing

  • Reness

    I’ll wait for LUKE’s return . And I hope its pretty soon 🙂

    • We hope to release it on this month’s end Reness.

  • RockyQ

    i like your all games and your third wallpaper is super duper hit

    your game name should be this (Magical Revenge)

  • RockyQ

    Your new game name should be this (Magical Revenge)

  • Verona

    I like the last one.

  • girlgamer

    i like the last picture

  • parul

    i m waiting for ur game 🙂

    • Marry786

      Hi parul how r u????

      • parul

        hi we have a lot of talk on old website m i right or not 🙂

        • Marry786

          Yes u r absolutely right!!!!! wht a gr8 fun on old web right parul??? 🙂
          i m missing it very much 🙁 By the way, why Jamie Hamilton is not replying????
          I think she is very busy 🙁

  • I love your games!

  • Austin

    I have lots of games that I have came up with that carmel can work on.

  • adi

    I have an idea for a name for the kingdom.If there is a king of the kingdom you can put his name at the beginning of the name of the kingdom and at the end of the name add the word land (or anything else you want at the end of the name)

  • girlgamer

    ha wanna have fun this game is the loner erase just gonna play it and im gonna happy wish it long hehehe see ya

  • keep up the great work carmel games

    • Thank you 🙂

      • Britto Abdullah

        carmel games are the best.and i cant wait to try out luke

  • Angelo Arellano

    when will Luke published?

    • The game will be released in 2-3 weeks.

  • Angelo Arellano

    I really like the chapel with bells… NICE WORK! 🙂

  • ambrosealley

    this guy’s voice is legendary i wanna meet him in person now, hope you’ll will bring him back anytime soon. Thanks for doing all this work pal.

    • Thank you for playing our games! 🙂

  • purple girly

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of yours! I also love Harry Potter and was wondering if you could make a game similar to Harry Potter?

    • We are a huge fans of Harry too!
      We do have plans for a magical-Harry-style game in future 🙂

  • Carmelfan

    The bell chapel is best.Keep up the good work!^_^

  • demet

    güzele benziyor heycanla bekliyorum

  • Naufal Nasahie

    keep up creating the games,Carmel! 🙂

    • girlgamer

      woa i dont know naufal you comment on my profile hacker ? why im not a hacker?

  • Miraa

    I love the games! Keep up the great work. I’d love to translate towards Dutch if you guys want/need that?

  • hjkl

    I like that this game was in Spanish

  • labibah rajana

    I already can not wait for the latest game from carmel games! uh ~ can not wait! maybe my grammar is rather strange, because I am from Indonesia

    • Your grammar sucks balls bruh 😀

  • PJ

    Oh My God
    I’m such a huge fan of ur games
    I have played all ur games atleast thrice
    I’m so excited for Luke and the other games
    Awesome u r !!!

  • very good

  • zaho

    im so happy and im wait for the game

  • Agus

    I’m Agus from Argentina. I can’t wait either! I really enjoy your games

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