03/11/14 – Birthday plans

Hi everybody!
We are happy to see that most of you liked our new Vortex Point. It makes us want to release a new Vortex Point right away (but it’s not going to happen, calm down :-P)
For this month we have two games we promised you a long time ago: Space on the Case, the futuristic space detective game, and Crazy Norman’s House of Spooks.


After we’ll release those games, we plan to reveal our new Carmel Games logo, featuring Carmelo of course.
Two years ago (October 28th, 2012) we released our first game, The Proposal.

During this time we’ve learned a lot more about adventure games and tried to improve with every game we released.
In year 2015 we plan to lunch a new website, work harder, finally release ‘The Baron’ (our extra-long&difficult game), share more info about the process of game development, develop a remake to our first adventure game ever (hint: not The Proposal) and establish the ‘Carmel Games Club’, in which our members will get special benefits and those of you who donated to us will get special treats.

The holidays season is coming real soon, so you are welcome to share with us in the comments below your holidays stories, special customs and your favorite holiday dishes, it could be interesting to read about the celebration of the holidays season around the world, plus, we might use it in some way in this year’s holidays games.

Last but not least, we will ship Carmelo’s Christmas Cards tomorrow, so those of you who have won the contest can expect getting them withing 1-3 weeks.


See you soon 🙂

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