07/07/14 – Our weekly update

Hi everybody!
The development of “Skip around the world” is close to it’s end. We will start to record the voices in a day and once they’re all ready we will finally release the game. We really hope it will bring a smile on your faces.
The development of the game was very interesting, because we had to go and explore a country we’ve never been at (hopefully someday we will). We couldn’t find a place for all the cool stuff we’ve learned about Finland in the game, but we tried to use as many as we can.

Finland game

We are also working on “Sherlock Holmes Mysteries” which will be released shortly after “Skip around the world”. Here is a sneak peek of the murder scene:

Sherlock Holmes game

Once Skip and Sherlock are done, we plan to develop a game with characters resembling the Muppets on Sesame Street:

Mr. Green

You are welcome to offer a name for the green monster.

Two weeks ago we posted a link to the game Deadmoon Manor (which we did not develop).
We want to hear your opinion – would you like us to develop games like Deadmoon Manor which are closer to a form of an interactive movie?

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Carmelo’s Army

For those of you who have enlisted into Carmelo’s Army, please make sure you have CONFIRMED your subscription. It is extremely important that you will do that, or else you will not get any of the emails everyone else are getting. We have around 100(!) people who did not confirm as needed. To make sure you’ve confirmed your subscription go to your email and find an email with the subject “Confirm your subscription to Carmel Games” (If you can’t find it, try looking in your spam folder), in it you must click the link titled “Click here to confirm your subscription.” Once you’ve done that, you can be sure you are subscribed.

Confirm Subscription

See you soon 🙂

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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