09/09/14 – CrazyDad is back!

Hi everybody!
Part 2 of Dakota’s adventures will be ready soon, and we are starting to work on other games.
Here is a some of our plans for the near future, so you’ll know what to expect:

Space on the case

Somewhere in a futuristic world, where dinosaurs are alive and people wear shiny silver suits, Maud’s cow has been kidnapped. But no need to worry, detective Space is on the case!

Space on the case

Space on the case

Day at the Library

After CrazyDad’s nervous breakdown on Sweet Revenge, the doctor recommended CrazyDad to remain at a peaceful and quiet environment at all times. That is why CrazyDad applied for a new job at the library. The school’s library.
Will he find peace and quiet there? Most likely not 🙂

CrazyDad 2

Maplewood Junior High

Murdoch is a student at Maplewood Junior High. Along with is classmates and his lovable teachers he learns that school can be pretty cool. We will write more about this game in the future, because it is going to be a special game with funny cut-scenes and high quality animations.

Characters sketch

That’s all for today,
See you next time!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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