10/04/14 – They are almost here…

Hi everybody!
At the start of next week, on Monday, we are planning to release Ray&Cooper 2. We also plan to release the One-Room-Escape game we were talking about a while ago.
In the mean time, we will share with you some of the things we are working on right now.
Our not-so-scary game, “The Haunted Tour LTD”, is currently under development. As always, you are the first to get a sneak peek:

haunted house

haunted house

The work on “The Baron” project (a.k.a. the super-special-Carmel-Games-game) has started. We expect to finish it at the end of October, hopefully sooner. This time we will be very happy to hear your thoughts about the characters design, and have a lot of polls planned for you to vote on. This way you will all be more involved in the making of this game.

Here are a few sketches of “The Baron”:

Game character sketch

Game character sketch

After the release of Ray&Cooper 2 and The Haunted Tour LTD, which game do you want us to release first?
Vote in the poll below!

That’s all folks, see you next time!

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Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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