12/10/14 – VP5 updates

Hi everybody!

We had some server issues during the weekend, that’s why you couldn’t reply to any of our posts. We hope we solved that issue for good this time.

We’re working around the clock on the new Vortex Point. We changed the game’s plot so many times! At first the game was supposed to take part at the haunted Vortex Point hotel. Later on we changed it into the Vortex Point summer camp, “Camp Vortex”. After that we changed it to the Vortex Point National Park, where Bigfoot scares the peaceful campers.

Now, in the final version of the game’s story, we decided the game will take place at the local movie theater.

here you can see some of the game’s backgrounds first sketches:



We’re planning a major upgrade to our website. We would like to hear what you think should be in our improved website, which kind of feathers you want to see, which articles you wold like to read and which freebies you would like to download.

See you soon 🙂

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