17/11/14 – Happy Monday!

Hi everybody!
Today we released theĀ translated and viral version of Dakota Winchester’s Adventures Part II (seven languages this time!), you can play it at MouseCity.
We also released a new game today that we hope you’ll like – Yurius’s House Of Spooks.
This means that we have one (or two :P) game left to release before we’ll reveal our improved logo and new website.

Two weeks ago we told you that we are planning a remake to our first ever adventure game.
Some of you got it right (Way to go Vishakha, Natalia, Hazem, Jamie, Julie and everyone else who guessed) – Our first adventure game was Luke. You’re more than welcome to leave us your ideas below regarding the new Luke, like adding something to the game’s plot, adding puzzles, new items etc.


Last week we shared with you the new sketches for the VP gang. Today we decided to add a poll in which it will be easier for us to follow what you think, so please vote.


[yop_poll id=”9″]
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[yop_poll id=”11″]

Next week we will be out for a vacation. We know what you think, “Hey, they had their vacation two months ago!! They’re so lazy! How aren’t they ashamed?!”.
Well – As you know our core team mainly consist of two people: one for programming and the other for game design. During September our programmer was out for his vacation, and now it’s time for our designer to get some inspiration for new games in his own vacation.
During this week we will have no weekly updates and we will be a lot less available to answer your emails and comments so please accept it with understanding, we’ll try to make up for it once this vacation is over.
When we’ll launch our new website we will start writing using our names, this way you’ll be able to see who you’re talking with.

That is all for today, thank you for stopping by šŸ™‚

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