23/09/14 – Working on Maplewood Junior High

Hi everybody!

We hope you’ve all enjoyed our latest games – we will release a translated version for those games soon.
First of all, “A Day at the Library” (CrazyDad 2) is completely finished and was supposed to be released today, but unfortunately, due to reasons and constraints which are beyond our control it will be delayed until we will be back from our vacation (September 30th).

Today’s post will focus on our up coming game: Maplewood Junior High.

maplewood junior high

The characters

In the first game of the new series we will meet four students and one teacher. We are planning to reveal more students and teachers in the following games of the series.


Ruth – Science Teacher and Assistant Principal


Murdock – The game’s main character

This doesn’t work

All of you must have tried to preform some kind of actions in our games and heard ‘This doesn’t work’ countles times in return. In Maplewood Junior High we will try for the first time not to use this sentence at all, and instead give you the ability to use each item anywhere you would like and get a different feedback each time.



That is all for today, we are going out for a short vacation starting tomorrow – September 24th, and be back on September 30th.

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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