A Night in Crazyville – Walkthrough

A night in Crazyville Walkthrough

Go to the No-Smell-Hotel. turn left. enter the elevator and go up to the 6th floor. click on the housekeeping cart.

Go to the EcoLove Cafe. use the detergent on the little girl’s drink. take her hair spray.

Go to Pine St. and enter the art gallery. use the hair spray on the candle. take the basketball and click on the flowerpot. go outside and click on the can near the vampire.

Go to Maple St. enter the arcade. use the Zoltar machine. leave the arcade. use the basketball on the tiny carrot balls. take the plunger.

Go to the Booze Shack. pick up the dead skunk from the sidewalk. head back to Pine St and enter the laundromat. use the Bad-luck card you received from the Zoltar machine on the old man. use the dead skunk on the washing machine.

Head back to Booze Shack. enter the pub, and talk to the bartender. she will give you a champagne. go right. click on the carton boxes and take the remote. use the plunger on the toilet. get the ring. go left. use the remote on the air conditioner. use the scarf on bartender. use ring on bartender. she’ll give you a ticket to the Buddy Hugg concert. head back to the No-Smell-Hotel.

Use the ticket on the guard. enter the night club. use the champagne on the power socket on the left. click on his backpack. take his key card. use the key card on the receptionist. head back to the elevator and go to the 10th floor.

Use the key on room 1. go left to the balcony. checkout the view. you’ll see Penny Sue. head back to the receptionist and ask her to call the police. head back to your balcony on the 10th floor and throw the Iron from the balcony.

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