April’s work schedule

Hi everybody!
Now that Luke’s remake is behind us we’ll get be back to our usual work schedule, with 2-3 games a month.
For April we plan to release the fantasy game which we’ve already wrote about in earlier posts, and after that we plan to release the 2nd chapter of the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, because a lot of you asked for detective games 🙂

work schedule

We received a question in one of our posts from Pranamika, asking why we are not using animals as the protagonists.
We started thinking about that idea, and here’s one of the sketches we’ve came up with.

Illustration by Goran Pesic

Now all that’s left is finding a good idea 🙂

Happy Easter and happy Passover for those of you who celebrate!
We’ll be back next week, have a fun weekend!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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