Back In Time – Walkthrough

Back In Time – Walkthrough


Take the Manual and the Electric Bat from inside the time machine, also pick up the Shovel on the left. Enter the storage on the left to change your clothes. Go right.
Go to the Guard Tower.
Use the Shovel on the grave on the left, you’ll find a Bone. Click on the hole in the tree on the left to get a Bucket. Go left.
Go to the Farm.
Give the Bone to the dog. Take the Seeds. Click on the chicken to get an Egg. Use the Bucket on the cow to get a Bucket full of Milk. Go left.
Go to the Old Well.
Give the Seeds to the bird. Take the Branch the bird was sitting on. Click the rope inside the well to go down it. Take the Helmet and the Snow. Click the top of the rope to go back up. Go right.
Go back to the Guard Tower.
Use the Branch on the Gear. Click on the branch, the gate will open, enter it.
Use the Helmet on yourself, the guard will leave. Take the sack that is laying on the ground. Use the Bucket on the sugar in any of the sacks. Now use the Egg on that Bucket. Get outside of the tower. Go left.
Go back to the Old Well.
Give the Potato sack to the freezing man, he will give you a Vanilla Bean. Use the Vanilla Bean on the Bucket, you will now have an Ice cream mix. Use the Snow on the Ice cream Mix, you will get Ice cream. Go right.
Go to King Inko’s Castle.
Use the Electric Bat on the people standing in line, they will run away. Enter the castle.
Give the Ice cream to the king, when he offers you a prize choose the Lightning rod. Get outside of the castle. Go right.
Go back to the Time Machine. Use the Lightning rod on the flag base on the left side of the time machine.
You’re home!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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