Creepo’s Tales: Chopping Mall – Walkthrough

talk to Joe’s wife. take napkin from her shop. take burger from your shop counter.
Click on the right arrow and head to the mall lobby. go to the fruit shop. buy pumpkin.
Go to mall’s security room. take broom, cup and crowbar.
Visit the gift shop. pull the gray handle on the left. use the broom to get the sword.
Leave the mall using the map, and head to the wax museum.
Inside, enter the code 51011 to open the door.

Creepo's Tales Walkthrough

take the headless mannequin with you. head to the gas station and buy some donuts.
Go to the police and put the donuts on the table to your right.
take a look in the investigation file on the table to your left. head back to the mall.
Use the pumpkin on the headless mannequin.
Go to the Burger Ranch. use the crowbar to clear your way. inside, look for hot sauce in the trash.
Go to the mall’s parking lot.
Use the mannequin on the X mark. pick up the key from the floor.
Go back to the food court. use the sauce on your burger. give it to Joe’s wife.
she asks for water. go to the restrooms, and fill your cup in water from the toilet.
give it to her and now you’re free to enter the kitchen.
Use the key to activate the keypad. use the phone number as the refrigerator keypad (5554792).
Use the sword on the rope.

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