Dakota Winchester’s Adventures – Walkthrough

Go right to get to the Map. Go to the Archaeological Site.
Pick up the Screwdriver. Click on Reness tools shack to get a Pickaxe. Go right to get back to the Map again. Go back to the Pier.

Use the Screwdriver on the Sign to get it. Leave to the Map and go to the Bomb Shelter.
Pick up the Torch on the left. Use the sign on the ropes above the water. Click on the flowers to get a Flint. Go left to get to the Map and go to the Temple.
Pick up the dry Leaves. Go left to get to the Map and go to the Village.
Talk to the fruit guy, choose a Banana. Click on the bones puzzle and solve it to get a Ring. Go right.
Use the Leaves on the campfire. Use the Flint on the Leaves. Use the Torch on the fire. Pick up the Bucket. Use the Bucket on the well to get a Water bucket. Go back to the Temple.
Use the Water bucket on the barrel on the right. Fill the Bucket with water and pour it into the barrel 2 more times, you will get another Ring. Use both Rings on the temple door, it will open. Enter into the temple.
Give the Banana to the monkey. Click on the rings puzzle below where the monkey was sitting and solve it. Use the Torch on the lamp that appeared. Click on the correct symbol (Top left). A rock will fall down. Use the Pickaxe on the rock.
You’re done!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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