Faraday’s Flaw and other stuff

Hi everybody!
Some of Faraday’s Flaw’s sketches are ready!
Faraday’s Flaw will be the first game produced by us which Goran has ever written. He’s also fully in charge of the game’s graphics. With 5 different locations, 18 backgrounds, 13 characters and more than 35 objects to play with, we’re sure Faraday’s Flaw will keep you busy for a while 🙂


Faraway is a new app, developed by our sponsor Those of you who like escape games and want to play them on their mobile phones will enjoy it. You’ll explore the ruins of ancient temples, face lots of challenges and work your brain towards solving many puzzles.
If you are playing the game, don’t forget to write us whether you like it or not (just so we’ll know whether we should also be making these kind of games).
> Download for Android
> Download for iPhone

Upcoming Games

Crazy Vacation will be released in a few of days, and Brewster 2 will be released shortly after.
That’s all for today, see you soon 🙂

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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