Hello everybody!
We would like to thank all of the participants who submitted stories, we enjoyed reading each and every one of them. It was hard to choose just one, but after a lot of thinking we decided the winner of our contest is Rike from Germany!
As promised we will turn Rike’s idea into a game and we hope you will all enjoy it.
Here is a short description of Rike’s idea:

The main character is on his way to visit his parents. He decide to take a detour in which he happens to drive over a nail.
He reaches a little town’s petrol station in the middle of nowhere.
The owner of the petrol station pretends to be nice and helpful and offers the main character to change his tire. He tells him to return in an hour and hands him a map of the town so he can pass the time.
When entering the town he finds every location available to be either run down or even closed and he only meets very few people. Worried about this fact he returns to the petrol station only to find it closed with no trace of the owner or his car…

One more thing – Now you can easily vote for your favorite wallpaper for the VP gang’s new office.
Have a lovely weekend!



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