Game over?

Hey guys, Moti’s here with a long overdue update.
So is it really Game Over for CG? Yes, and no.

As we told before, our web games are no longer making any profit, so on December 31st we closed CG and moved on with our lives.
We are no longer in the gaming industry, yet the desire for creating games is still there.
We’ve developed crazy and lovable characters, such as CrazyDad, the Vortex Point trio and Creepo. It’s a real shame we can’t share more of their crazy adventures.
So yes, we still have the passion to make games and tell stories and that is why I’m sure we’ll return some day, hopefully soon.

While we’re on our “forced break”,we will try to come up with something extraordinary, something we haven’t done before.
I don’t know what it is yet, but gotta do it.

So, that’s all for now. I hope we’ll have more downloadable versions of our previous games available soon.
Thank you all for being there for us, for each feedback, comment and email you’ve sent, and thank you very much for your great support over the years.
It’s not over yet 🙂

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