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Hi everybody!
Today we have some great game recommendations for you. The first game is called Bad Viking and the Curse of the Mushroom King, and it’s a funny and well designed point and click game. We had fun playing it (and learned some new things on the way), and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it too.


And on other news, we are currently working on two new games.
Dakota Winchester’s Adventures 3, which is going to be the last Dakota (at least in its current form, we weren’t very pleased with the direction the game took).


The other game we are working on is called Family Fun. A typical British family goes out for lunch at the local fish&chips restaurant. While they are there, something must go wrong (otherwise there was no game).


Introducing Goodgame’s Legends of Honor

Now to the second game recommendation. Some of you may remember our cooperation with Goodgame Studios, which started 9 months ago with the game Goodgame Empire and continued later on with Goodgame Big Farm. Now we are launching Goodgame’s newest web game, right here on our website.
The game is called Legends of Honor. With fast-paced PvP combat with strategic empire building, it is a game in which split-second decisions can make all the difference between an honorable victory and a devastating defeat. However, in this kingdom, not all wars are fought with a sword, and your strategy for building a mighty castle is just as important as your conquests on the battlefield.
The game is available in our website’s top menu, under the Games category, click HERE to check it out.

That is all for today, have a magical day 🙂

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