Getting back on track

Hi everybody!
Thank you all for your concern regarding Moti’s arm. Things are getting better now, and slowly we will start to get back on track. We have made good progress with the tea party game so we believe it will be released next week.
In the meantime, we started working on a new feature we’re considering to add to our future games.
This feature will allow you to walk with the character just like in classic point and click games.
You can check it out here down below (It’s still a work in progress):

[swf src=”” width=664 height=498 align=”center”]

On different note, we wanted to inform you of the redesign of, now with no more pop-ups and ads overload, we hope it will solve the issues some of you had when playing games on it.

One last thing, go check out Katlyn Conrad’s YouTube channel, she’s doing some very funny and entertaining videos of her playing games, with many of our games among them of course, so those of you who like “Let’s play” videos will probably find her channel interesting, don’t forget to subscribe!

That is all for now, we’re sorry that we don’t have too many sketches or sneak previews to share for our upcoming games, but here’s one for now, more will have to wait for next week.


See you next Monday 🙂

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The Birdcage

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