Goodbye 2015!

Hi everybody!
We wish to thank all of you for your positive reviews of The Gatekeeper. We’ve put a lot of effort into it and your positive feedback is worth a lot.

At the end of each year we are checking the achievements we’ve made during that year, the performances of our games and of course, our annual profit.
On the bright side – things are better than last year: we were able to provide you more (and a higher quality) games and throw more contests than the year before.
On the less bright side – the games’ ad revenue is on decline, because people are more into mobile devices (and let’s not forget about ad blocking).
Our games are limited to a single genre, which means we have a limited audience.
That is why we had to come up with a new strategy for 2016. We will be focused on creating shorter games (which are more profitable) for a while and wait with the longer games for a better time (this means The Baron is going back to the freezer for now).

We will continue to produce Vortex Point 7 and The Gatekeeper 2, and we do plan to have one big game to be released in 2016. It’ll be a redesigned version of Skip Around The World, only this time we’ll be focusing on a single city. The game will include interesting facts and trivia questions. You could say it’s an educational game – but in a fun way.
The best part is – you’ll get the chance to choose the city the game will be based upon!
So if you live in an interesting city (or even a small town), with characters and a story to tell, please write the city’s name down in the comments below so we can have a look.

And now… For the big news!

Like we wrote earlier, people today are more into mobile devices… So it’s about time for Carmel Games to go mobile!
We are transforming Tales of Carmelot to a mobile version as we speak, and that’s only the start!
Once the work on Mobile Carmelot will be over, we will start developing new games for mobile also, along with remakes to some of our earlier games. The mobile versions for all the games will include additional content that did not exist in the browser versions.

In the top picture and these below – two of the games that never were (The Baron and Eddie-venture):
game concept

game concept

We hope you had a blast this year and wish you all will have a happy new year!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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