Habla Kadabla – Walkthrough

Habla Kadabla Walkthrough

Inside Habla’s shop, click on the white paper on the floor. Put together the potion recipe. Leave shop and go the Ice cream parlor. Click on the trash can and get yourself a brand new screwdriver.
Head back to Habla’s shop, and use the screwdriver on the gray square plate inside the soda machine, you’ll get $4.
Go to the Carnival and buy a candy apple.
Go to the Sea monster restaurant and use the candy apple on the drain. Pick up the Chinese food box that’s on the floor.
Go to the Broom Shop and enter. Use the Chinese food box on the spider.
Go outside the Broom Shop and give the museum ticket to the guard. Now Go inside the Museum.
Pick up the hammer that’s on the floor. Go left and take the all ingredients on your right.
Head back to the Sea monster restaurant and enter. Use the spider on the pirate. Go left to the kitchen.
Use the water purifier on the cauldron.
Use vampire blood on the cauldron.
Use mummified toenails on the cauldron twice.
Use bat whiskers on the cauldron three times.
Talk to the genie and head back to the Carnival.
Give the yellow duck coupon to the guy on the left. Use the key you’ve just won on the clock post. Set the clock to 14:05.
Get in the fortune teller’s booth. Use the hammer on her crystal ball. Use the key on the floor’s trapdoor on your right.

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