Happy February!

Hi everybody!
We are really excited about Creepo’s return and we hope you are too! As you can see, he is sitting by his campfire, ready to share another spooky tale with you, this time it will be the tale of Redwood national park.
Redwood national park is one of the most beautiful nature reservations in the world.
But every Friday the 13th the reserve is closed for tourists and workers, that is because there’s an urban legend about a crazy killer hanging around the place each Friday 13th.
Is this legend true, or just old wives’ tales? You’ll find out soon!


Unfortunately,it looks like we won’t be able to release Creepo on time for Friday 13th, that is because we want to put some extra effort in making this game really scary as it suits for a Creepo game, but we will try our best to release it before the mentioned date in our February time schedule below 🙂


Besides Creepo we also have a romantic game for Valentine’s Day, which we will share more info about in our upcoming posts.
Since February is a short month we will release only two games this month, but the good news are we will also be working on Luke’s remake, which is scheduled to release during March.

See you next time!

P.S. You are more than welcome to suggest other names instead of Redwood national park in the comments below.

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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