Happy Tuesday!

Hi everybody!
A translated version of Luke Deluxe is now available. Now you can play Luke Deluxe in Spanish, Turkish, Russian, French, Hebrew and Dutch (we will add Portuguese later this week).

In two-three days we’ll release a new game – Marrakesh Club (a.k.a. Moroccan tea party).
Once we’ll cross this game out of our checklist we will start writing our next adventures.
We received a lot of great ideas from you for new games. While we can’t turn all of your ideas into games, they still do inspire us a lot.

We’re gonna let you choose our next game:
We have CrazyDad part III, in which we will introduce CrazyMom for the first time (you can see one of her early sketches at the top of this post),
Or you can select Cap’n Marcela Parrot Charmer part II, if you’re in for another pirate adventure (with actual parrots this time!)

On our free time we also work on Grape Grove.
We are still testing for the right colors and style which will give the game the mysterious feeling that we want. Our goal is to make every background out of the game’s 22 backgrounds rich in details.


That’s all for today, we’re wishing you a magical day!

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