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As most of you know, a big part of our revenue comes from the ads you see at the beginning of each game.
The math is simple: The more views each game gets, the bigger the earnings for us in Carmel Games are.
This income allows us to deliver you free quality games and contests with prizes.
Increasing this income will allow us to hire workers (thus developing more free games), and make more contests, with much more prizes.

So how do we get more views and what’s that has to do with Carmelo’s Army?

To get more views we need that our games will be featured on two big sites: and In order for it to happen, we must get ratings as high as we can the day we release our games in these websites.
The main problem is that there are lots of haters out there who rate our games 0 stars without even bothering to see the game, some do it to make their own or their friends’ games get higher on the charts, some just score 0 to everything they see.
The goal of Carmelo’s Army is to fight back those haters and help us in Carmel Games to get a bigger exposure.

Joining Carmelo’s Army means you’ll subscribe to the Carmelo’s Army newsletter, and every time we release a game in those websites we will inform you so you can go there and vote on the same day.
You’ll have to register on both websites first, if you’re not registered already (it’s easy and completely free)

We will not use your email for any other purpose.
You can join by submitting your email in the field below.

Thank you very much all of you who will help us with this one.

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