Like Vampire Like Son – Walkthrough

Pick up the Manhole cover. Talk to the girl. Go right.
Go to Main St.
Enter Laverne’s Pancake House on the left. Pick up the Note on the right of the counter.
Pick up the Salt from the table. Talk to the kid with the propeller hat, he will give you a
key. Got right to leave the pancake house. Click on the pink bunny ears in the garbage,
a guy in a bunny suit will start talking with you. Give him the Note you took from the
pancake house’s counter, he will give you his bunny suit in return. Use the bunny suit on
the club’s bouncer next to the garbage, he will let you inside. Use the Manhole cover on
the guy wearing the Greek costume, once he’s gone pick up the Ninja star from his table.
Leave Main St. and go back to Humanville.
Use the Ninja star on the little thief girl’s ball. Her bother will show up, talk to him, he will
give you Money.
Leave Humanville and go back inside Laverne’s Pancake House at Main St.
Give Laverne the Money, she will give you Coffee. Go right and then back inside the Red
Room club. Give the Coffee to the barman. go left to get to the club’s back room. Give
the Empty coffee cup to the fortune teller, she will give you a Magic fang growing
powder. Leave the club and go back into the pancake house. Ask Laverne for cup of
water. Use the Magic powder on the water. Use the Water+Powder mix on yourself.
Leave Main St. and go to the Blood Burger.
Use the Salt on the large pot next to the vampire chef, he will leave. Use the key on the
safe which is bellow the counter. Take the Envelope from inside the safe.
Leave the Blood Burger and go back to Humanville. Click on the Envelope you took
from the Blood Burger, inside it you will find a Cross. Use the Cross on the vampire
Leave Humanville and go back inside Laverne’s Pancake House at Main St.
Talk to the woman’s father, he will give you a ring. Go right, Jordan will now wish he was
dead, so he doesn’t mind going back to Vampireville where he is sure to be
Leave Main St. and go to Vampireville.
Pick up the green Garden hose which is on the floor to the left of Jordan’s mother. Get
inside the house, a bunch of vampires will appear. Use the Ring on the Garden hose.
Use the Hose+Ring on the curtain’s rail on the top right of the curtain.

You’re Done!

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