Make a game challenge

Happy Tuesday to you all!
We keep receiving emails asking us “how to make a game”, and while we do have plans to write tutorials for game development with GameMaker, we simply can’t find the time to do so.
So today I came up with a nice idea (at lease I hope so): Why won’t you join the CG team for the development of one game, and have your say?
The goal will be developing a game which in its making you will be involved, starting with the early plot ideas and ending with testing and trying it before anyone else.
If you want to see your name in the game’s credits, and if you want to be able to tell your friends that you were part of the team that made this game – now is your chance!

Here’s how it will go:

Phase 1 – Brainstorming:

You are all welcome to write any idea you have regarding the game in the comments bellow: the basic plot, interesting characters ideas, items to use, how to use these items, etc. We will turn your ideas into a short game plot.

Phase 2 – Revealing the game’s plot:

We will post the game’s full plot (which means you will all know how to solve the game!) – You’ll be able to write your opinion and if needed, we will change the plot accordingly. Once everyone will be happy with it, we’ll move forward to…

Phase 3 – Revealing the game’s graphics:

You’ll get to see the game’s background sketches and characters. Once again, you’ll get a chance to have your say about the graphics, and we will do necessary changes. After that we’ll move on to the final round:

Phase 4 – Game testing:

A beta version of the game will be available for you to test. You’ll get to hear the music, see the graphics, watch the dialogues, etc. We will listen to your comments and modify the dialogues and/or music according to your opinions.

Phase 5 – Game release:

Once everything is done, we’ll release the game, with voice-overs and with the names of those who helped in the game’s credits.

Are you up for the challenge Matey?

In order to save us time, I’ve already selected a theme for this game: Pirates!
So think about treasure maps, pirates inns, barrels of rum and hidden caves, or think about something more daring and rebelling, feel free to suggest anything.
Here are some photos to get you inspired:

Photo by Cliff Johnson

Photo by Loren Javier

Comic by Arnaud Ahache

Anyone is welcome to join in on any of this game’s development phases. Once you see an idea you like in the comments below, give it a thumb up. I hope this experiment will be a success and the we will all have fun in the process.

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