Maplewood Junior High – Walkthrough

1. Go to the end of the computer lab where you will find the three windows.

2. Click on the hanging bookshelf. You will receive the Multimedia 96 Rocks diskette and


3. Go to the first room of the computer lab with the “Out of Use” computer. Use antennae

on the paper above the metal cabinet.

4. There is a riddle on the paper:

Maplewood Junior High Walkthrough

Use the number 125 on the lock.
From the metal cabinet, take the vacuum cleaner and a tennis ball.

5. Go right to Oak’s and Arlene.

6. Use vacuum cleaner on Arlene’s backpack, you will get Arlene’s note on global warming.

7. Go to the third part of the computer lab, where Miller is working.

8. Open both front windows. In the farther window you will find an egg.

9. Use the tennis ball on Miller. Take microphone and riddle.

10. The riddle answer is 21080:

Maplewood Junior High Walkthrough

11. Click on the computer that needs password and type in 21080.

12. Go to the lab’s entrance and sue the egg on the broken hot computer.

13. Click on Oak eating omelette, you will get a screwdriver.

14. Go to the second room and sit at Oak’s computer. Use screwdriver on Oak’s monitor and solve
the puzzle.

15. Use Multimedia Rocks 96 Diskette on Oak’s computer to install it.

16. Click on the Text button to copy Arlene’s notes.

17. Click on the Record button.

18. After the ghost prank, you will receive Miller’s photograph book.

19. Use the Book on the Scanner.

20. Get back to Oak’s computer and click on the clipart button.

The end!

Walkthrough By Tathagata Roy Chowdhury

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