Mermaid City – Walkthrough


Click on the air conditioner controller. change it to full heat mode and turn the power on.
use the phone to call Donna. pick up the hot dog from the counter.
go outside and head to the souvenir shop. talk to the shopkeeper. give him the hot dog.
he’ll offer you one item for free. take the bucket. click on the ad that is taped to the lamp post on the right.
click on the trash can on your left and take the magnifying glass.
go to the gas station. use the bucket on the gas pump.
go inside the shop. buy one Super pocket knife 2000.
enter the restroom. use your pocket knife on the rope.
head back to your hot dog stand. go inside and call Mark. use the rope on the bucket.
use the bucket on the loose nail on Buster’s stand. use the fuel soaked rope on the bucket.
use the magnifying glass on the rope.
go back inside your stand and call miss MotherGoodHeart.

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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