Hey everybody!
As you can see the Carmel logo is all covered with curtains, this is because we will soon reveal our new logo! In the meantime you’re welcome to guess what kind of creature or animal is hiding there.

Most of you asked for the name Dakota for our Indiana Jones¬†protagonist so we’ve decided to go with the flow and name the character Dakota Daniels.
We expect the first game of Dakota to be ready in January 2014.

Right now we’re working on our Christmas special game and after that we’re planning to release Back in Time part 2. This time you’ll go back in time to the nineties and get a chance to reunite with your favorite boy band, play Pogs and rent videos at Blockbuster…

Christmas Game 2013 sketch

Pogs: Are you familiar with this thing?

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

More games…

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