Our Weekly Update

Hi everybody!
A quick update this time:
We are currently working on High School Adventure (our mobile game), so there won’t be any new games in the following weeks, but we’ll do our best to find the time for releasing Trapped 2 by the end of this month.

We bought this puzzle book to get inspiration for future games and puzzles.

Solve logic puzzles and play sleuth at the same time! This thoroughly unique book – written by the former editor of Games magazine – offers the immersive pleasure of a novel as it follows a group of friends who meet regularly to play murder-mystery games at the island home of a wealthy couple. As you go about completing the puzzles, you’ll learn more about the guests, the house, and the island…and uncover a secret about the mansion itself. Maps of the island throughout enhance the atmosphere and draw solvers deeper into the story.

If you know any good logic-puzzle books please share them with us in the comments below.
That’s all for today, have a great day!

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Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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